Chanel Cristalle eau de parfum is a perfume Jacques Polge made in 1993 based on an older version of Chanel Cristalle eau de toilette from 1974. Legendary perfumer Henri Robert and Edmond Roudnitska worked on the older version and Jacques Polge daringly, skillfully and creatively followed their footsteps. With Cristalle eau de perfume, Jacques made salto mortale, bravely diving into a lush and opulent perfume future that began in the 1990s, trading the sparkly freshness of the citruses from eau de toilette version with juicy bites of peach and tangerine in eau de parfum version.

Perfume composition of Cristalle eau de parfum.

Cristalle eau de parfum is a younger sister of a perfume classic by French house Guerlain Mitsouko from 1919. While its older sister already entered the world of adults, learned to control her emotions and began crafting her style, the younger sister was still full of pure and boundless child joy and optimism. Tangerine that dominates the opening of the perfume is also called the scent of children’s’ joy and that is visible more than ever in Cristalle eau de parfum. Both perfumes are fruity chypre, one of my favorite perfume categories. Fruit notes but with depth, complexity and character, so untypical for modern perfumes. That is the proof that talented perfumers when inspired and left to work, can make a masterpiece from even the most frivolous notes.

When you spray Cristalle eau de parfum you are wrapped in a scent of the juiciest, most delicious fruit. A sensation that feels so good, especially on a warm summer day. I was so surprised with the natural feel and juiciness of the scent notes of tangerine and peach I could not stop smelling my wrist and admiring this Chanel creation. After 20 minutes, the floral opulence and juiciness of ylang-ylang note take the stage, enriching and rounding the composition. Vetiver and oakmoss with their woody earthy tones soothe the composition, cool it and give it depth and character and are perfect opposite to the sweetness of fruit and the opulence of ylang-ylang and jasmine in the very heart of the perfume. Amazing!

Forbidden fruit

All the time I was thinking about Cristalle eau de parfum, I was thinking of the scene from the cult TV show True Blood when Sookie Stackhouse, half fairy, enters the fairy kingdom for the first time. There she meets other fairies – beautiful and happy, the light is golden and the air filled with happiness, well being, hedonism and games. There is only one condition – she has to taste the juicy fairy fruit that makes her see and be part of that world. She refuses and consequently, the entire world turns into its opposite with ugliness, evil and misery all around. She had to choose between cruel truth and wonderful illusion. Sookie chose the truth. I think I would to but its no harm in escaping in the fantasy from time to time. That is how I see Chanel Cristalle eau de perfume, as a fragrant vehicle that leads you to the wonderful, fantastic world of beauty, joy and carefree pleasure. Perfect illusion.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: tangerine; middle notes: peach, melon, ylang-ylang, jasmine; base notes: vetiver, oakmoss.

[Fragrance group] chypre floral fruity.

Perfume creator is Jacques Polge.