renaud salmon

Perfume interview – Renaud Salmon : CXO of Amouage


Renaud Salmon is the creative genius behind the latest Amouage creations. During his work as a Chief Experience Officer at Amouage, he created the exciting and polarizing Renaissance collection that many call a new era of Amouage. In this interview, we talked…

edward bodenham

Perfume interview – Edward Bodenham : Floris


Floris is one of the oldest and most reputable perfume houses in Britain as well as in the world. They have been dedicated to making perfumes and fragrances for centuries, dating back to 1730. Rich heritage, history, and tradition are one of the…

Luca Turin interview

Perfume interview – Luca Turin

About perfumes, Interviews

Luca Turin is the world’s best known perfume critic and a scientist who came up with theory of smelling by vibrations. He wrote various books, many of them bestsellers with his wife, Tania Sanchez. Their Perfume Guides both 2008 and 2018 version are full…