Cool Water is a cult perfume by Davidoff brand known for quality tobacco, leather accessories, coffee and perfume legends – Zino and Cool Water. By the time it showed up in 1988 until today, it is one of best selling male perfumes, a fragrance that is always present on Top 10 lists. But its biggest success was not that it enchanted males of all ages, oh no, Cool Water encouraged men to talk about the perfumes they use. It was no longer an intimate question but an interesting and inspirational subject of discussion.

Redefining fresh perfumes

Who would have guessed that perfume genius Pierre Bourdon would make a new type of freshness in time when everybody used aldehydes and citruses for that effect. He used lavender like nobody has ever done before and combined it with aromatic herbs and marine notes and produced a scented magic that is refreshingly icy, like the sapphire depths of the open sea.

Cool Water perfume composition

Cool Water’s perfume composition is based on a sophisticated use of aromatic herbs such as lavender, mint, and rosemary that were enriched, like all other successful fougere perfumes, with the deep oakmoss, woody notes, amber and musk. After a sharp and poignant opening that one just has to endure like with Versace Dreamer, Cool Water instead of tempest turns into a calm sea on a summer morning. The balance of fresh and sensual notes cannot be compared to anything, just like the lastness and projection of the perfume. Not to mention the character – when Cool Water walks into a room, it doesn’t need an introduction. Everybody knows it. It is one of the rare qualities it shares with other perfume legends such as Kouros and Azzaro Pour Homme.

davidoff cool water

Over the years, Cool Water became notorious, for two reasons. The first one was that it was popular with the 1990’s bad boys who proved their masculinity with synthetic tracksuits, greased hairdos, golden chains thick as a thumb and a questionable a la favela conduct in the ghetto town parts. The second reason was its global commercial success that was inevitably followed by numerous bad copies and mass production of similar scents in the home care products. When they smell Cool Water for the first time, young generation says it smells like detergent or a soap, but the situation is actually reversed. It is not that Cool Water smells like them but they smell like Cool Water.

I hope that after all these years and with time distance, some young people will discover this phenomenal perfume. Luca Turin even recommends it as a great masculine perfume for women. You can find it in every perfume shop and the price is affordable. Maybe it is a relic of times gone by and different kind of people and maybe it cannot find its place in today’s noisy world of visual, auditive, tactile, gustative and olfactive candies. Maybe, like the hero of Big Blue played by Jean-Marc Barr, it will abandon all ties to the land and swim into the ocean depths of perfume history.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: mint, sea water, green notes, lavender, rosemary, coriander;  middle notes: geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood; base notes: amber, cedar, tobacco, musk, oakmoss.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere.

Perfume creator is Pierre Bourdon.