About Me

My name is Igor. I was born and raised in Belgrade where I graduated psychology and have years of experience working in marketing. I’m the creator and author of Perfume Psychology. My whole life I was attracted and inspired by perfumes. I could recall any scent (or taste) whenever I wanted from a very early age. When I was a kid I couldn’t always buy what I wanted – candies mostly. I didn’t mind that because, thanks to my ability,  I could recall any scent and taste and have a feeling that I am actually smelling and tasting all those treats. During puberty, I discovered scents can return you to the past and that memories are never truly lost, as long as scents exist. While I was studying psychology, I continued to explore that wonderful and mysterious world of scents and I continue to do so to this day.

Scents and perfumes speak to me a language much more personal and intimate than the actual language.

I remember people, countries and events by their aroma, their scent. Join me in the adventure of discovering the world through the eyes of scents and perfumes. You will learn much about the world around you, but also inside you and more than anything, you’ll have fun and enjoy the colorful descriptions and images.

If you wish to contact me regarding business proposal or any other kind you can do so via email: scentertainer@gmail.com or FACEBOOK page/INSTAGRAM page.

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