Fragrance notes – Cherry

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Cherry (family Rosaceae, Prunus cerasus) is one of the most interesting fragrant notes in the perfume industry. In perfumes, it is primarily a seductive, sensual, and somewhat edible top note that perfectly balances between sweetness and tartness. Just because it can provide…


Tresor perfume shop – Hong Kong, China

Asia, China, Perfume shops

Parfumerie Tresor brings creative and unique perfumers under one roof; you will not find many of these fragrances anywhere else in the city. Parfumerie Tresor is not only home to different brand stories and the independent spirits of these perfumeries, but will…

British box

British box perfume shop – Milan, Italy

Europe, Italy, Perfume shops

BRITISH BOX Est.1990 has always been a small corner of the United Kingdom, a genuine concentrate of taste and humor and trend. You could find the most prestigious brands of the historic English perfumery, a thorough selection of objectivistic, endless porcelain, inimitable…

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