Luc Gabriel

Perfume interview – Luc Gabriel : The Different Company


Luc Gabriel is an owner and creative director of The Different Company, French niche house known for their work with the greatest perfumers of today such as Jean Claude Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Emilie Coppermann and Alexandra Monet. We’ve met at L’Atelier Belgrade, regarding the launch of two new fragrances: Majaina Sin and Santo Incienso and talked about The Different Company,…

Fragrance notes – Oud


Oud is one of the most expensive but also most used fragrant ingredients in today’s perfume industry. Also called oudh, aoud or agarwood, with its heavy, intoxicating and rich smell that combines wood, incense, and ambergris, it is a synonym for East where…

Creed perfumes

Creed – What perfumes celebrities wear?

About perfumes, tips & tricks

Perfume is a luxury but of all luxurious things, it is the most affordable. Ordinary folk often can’t afford the things kings, movie stars, billionaires have. Villas, expensive cars, five star hotels, Louis Vuitton bags, private stables…all those things are unaffordable except…

Fendi Palazzo

Fendi – Palazzo eau de parfum

Reviews, Women's fragrances

Palazzo is a perfume by Italian fashion house Fendi, the only one that has survived the cut when LVMH giant decided to cancel all the Fendi perfumes and keep only one – Palazzo. Sadly for both its fans and the perfume industry,…

Lalique L'Insoumis

Lalique – L’Insoumis eau de toilette

Men's fragrances, Reviews

L’Insoumis (The Rebel) is a male fragrance by french brand Lalique, known for its magnificent production of crystal, launched in Europe in 2016. Lalique perfume creations are a match to their crystal. They are daring, unusual, intriguing often avantgarde but above all…

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Perfume purchase is a special, delicate and mind process different, or at least it should be, from buying things like clothes, shoes, cosmetics and beauty products. Contrary to, let’s say clothes where ‘what you see is what you get’ rule applies, perfumes...