Zorannah is a perfume by Serbian most famous fashion blogger Zorana Jovanovic aka Zorannnah. The perfume was launched in 2017 and, like Zorana’s book, became a huge success, especially with younger customers for whom its meant for. Although, a lot of ladies aged 20 to 50 have written to me through my Facebook page, telling me they bought the perfume either for themselves or for friends. I will try to analyze this perfume from different angles because, as an object, this too is made out of the interaction, intervening of different spheres and can be judged separately or as a whole.

Is Zorannah perfume good? Yes and no. If you are looking at it like it is a product then Zorannah Eau de parfum is by all criteria a good product. It delivers a promise – that all the girls can smell like their ego-ideal Zorannah who repeatedly said her perfect perfume is based on vanilla and candy scents. Consequently it satisfies two needs: the first one being it smells like candies (a major trend in perfume industry) and Zorannah. And it’s relatively cheap, around 2000 RSD for 50 ml which is entirely acceptable for the target population it is meant for. The perfume lasts a solid few hours, its projection is moderate, in line with gourmand perfumes. The interaction between two sides is sincere, has a purpose and is productive. Zorannah gives her audience a product sharing a part of herself and also earning money. The audience, on the other hand, gives the money in exchange that even if they cannot have the same bag as Zorana or the same shoes, they can at least smell like Zorana. Both sides are satisfied and its all very quick, effective and complementary.

On the other hand, if we’re looking at Zorannah Eau de parfum through the prism of perfume art, then the perfume is so not good it borders the impossibility of analysis. The composition has a linear structure, common with the perfumes Sophia Grojsman makes, like Tresor, where 80 percent of the scent part is based on a simple chord and the rest 20 percents are decorations that enrich the formula. In the case of Zorannah perfume, I guess we’re talking about cheap ethyl maltol that has a recognizable vanilla, cotton candy, syrupy scent that resembles the holy grail of beauty bloggers across the world – holy macaroons. Without any depth, interesting twist or interpretation of the mentioned notes. What emotion or memory could this composition evoke except the euphoric teen overeating of cotton candy while we’re on a swing trying to survive the hyperglycemic shock and the bombardment of every sense with sounds and lights of an amusement park. But hey, we were all once that little girl.

So what is the final judgment? Is the perfume good or bad? Can it be even rated? Depends on what you expect from the perfume. If you perceive a perfume like a body lotion or a candle or a car air freshener then you will like this perfume if you’re into sweet, gourmand notes (and for this price.) But if you see a perfume like a work of art, that explores the areas of beauty and divine in human nature and the world that surrounds us, if you see it as something that will connect with you and emphasize your individuality, enrich and stimulate your emotions, memories, then the answer is no, this perfume is not for you.

Zorannah Eau de parfum, like many perfumes nowadays, promises sweet life. Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree, I traveled the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something. In the end, it goes down to two questions. What are you looking for? What happens when the last drop of the perfume is gone? Are you suddenly cruely sobered enough to realize that the world may not be so sweet, do you grow up or just go and get another bottle of Eau de Zorannah?

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