How often is what you try as a brand new product really new? What does new mean anyway? Does that mean new packaging, a new fragrance, or just new marketing? For most, the latter, but not for the niche perfume house from the United States called The Zoo, and especially not for their creation, which won the prestigious and actually the only valid award in today’s world, The Art & Olfaction Awards 2018 – Club Design.

Club Design

Namely, Christophe Laudamiel, creator of Club Design perfume, as well as other The Zoo perfumes, but also many others who have achieved worldwide success such as Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, Youth Dew Amber Nude by Estee Lauder, S-ex by S-perfume, and Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, is known for new and unusual fragrant accords. You can view an accord in the perfume world as a mixture of notes in a particular proportion that gives a novel and unique quality, often very pleasant. A mixture that is more than the sum of its components. Those who can do that are often considered geniuses, as are the creators of the combination of lavender and coumarin, rose and oud, apple, and cinnamon.

When I first smelled Club Design, I was surprised by the intense and vivid note of grapefruit, which, unlike another fantastic one in Pamplelune by Guerlain, is very sharp and harsh, I dare say masculine. However, I believe that fragrances have no sexual determinants. If it is true that the smell of grapefruit rejuvenates, finally, men also have an ace up their sleeve. Grapefruit, which does not smell synthetic like in most perfumes, combined with the leather’s scent, really provides an unusually masculine, fresh but zesty feeling. After a certain time, the note of grapefruit fades and disappears, leaving the leather softened and made warmer, more sensual, and powdery with the scents of sunny mimosa and a little skanky musk. Except for the beginning and cacophony of notes, which later merged into a harmonious whole, as well as floral notes that appear like a phantom when you are not looking for them, I must admit that I did not find the X factor in this perfume, except for the dynamics of opening and developing perfume on the skin. Maybe it’s just for people with “perfect pitch” for fragrances. An exciting experience, anyway.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: grapefruit, black currant; middle notes: styrax, leather, lily, mimosa; base notes: musk, cedar, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] leather.

The creator of the perfume is Christophe Laudamiel.