Cinema is a perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion brand, which appeared on the perfume shelves in 2004. Whether it is high fashion or high perfumery, the Yves Saint Laurent House has left an indelible mark and a legacy. Yves himself revived French fashion in the sixties of the twentieth century, like the phoenix from ash, and showed women how they could dress gracefully and casually at the same time. The perfume world was enriched over the years with many masterpieces such as Opium, Kouros, Nu, Y (old version), Jazz, M7, Rive Gauche, Manifesto, as well as modern hits L’Homme and La Nuit de L’Homme.


Today, we are inundated with sweet, gourmand perfumes that offer us an abundance of delicious fragrant notes that mimic our sensual pleasures from the finest pastry shops. From all kinds of chocolate, through sweets and cakes like tiramisu (Ferragamo Uomo) and fruit sorbets to cocktails and aperitifs, everything is present in modern perfumes. What is unfortunately not present…is an inspiration. These perfumes do not inspire, they do not uplift our emotions; they are empty and literal. The role of art is not merely to imitate reality, but to exalt it and enrich it with passion and a unique perspective. Pamplelune does not smell like the grapefruit we enjoy every day, but the ideal grapefruit that seems to be harvested in a paradise garden. The Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land does not smell of a rose from our garden, but an ethereal rose described in the poetry of English romantics. Shalimar does not smell of the vanilla we put in the pastries, but the taste of the vanilla that remains on the lips after the passionate kiss of the woman who ate that special cake. The perfumes are not descriptive but allegorical in nature.


The perfume composition of Cinema is basically a floral but enriched with vanilla and almond. It is dominated by a fragrant mimosa note, powdery floral, but at the same time gentle and elegant, resembling Yves dresses. One or two Cinema sprays, and you are in a charming and tucked-away square of a small town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and during the day when the sun is golden, you drink tea and enjoy a delicious marzipan dessert. A special kind of glamor. The kind that doesn’t need spotlights and camera flashes … intimate glamor. When you are the star of your life and when you shine the most for yourself. That’s the magic of Cinema.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: mandarine, cyclamen, almond flower; middle notes: mimosa, peony, amaryllis, jasmine; base notes: amber, benzoin, white musk, vanilla.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

The perfumer is Jacques Cavallier.