Perfume samples are a great way to test out fragrances before investing in an entire bottle. Whether you’re looking for a new signature scent or wanting to find the perfect gift, exploring different perfumes is fun and easy with perfume sample sets. Here we’ll explore where you can buy perfume samples, how they work, and why they might be the answer to finding your perfect aroma. 

perfume samples

Where Can You Buy Perfume Samples?

When it comes to seeking out perfume samples, there are plenty of places available to purchase them. Department stores will usually carry trial sizes of popular fragrance lines so that customers can try out their products before committing to buying full-sized bottles. Online retailers also offer a range of smaller samples that are often cheaper than buying trial sizes from stores since online outlets don’t have the same overhead costs as brick-and-mortar establishments. 

How Do Perfume Samples Work?

When shopping for perfume samples, it is important to note that these may come in various forms—from small vials of eau de toilette sprays all the way through to solid parfum sticks. The type and size of each sample varies from store to store but typically comes at around 1-2ml in size, which is enough product for around one or two applications. 

It’s best not to spray directly onto the skin but rather onto a card, such as an index card or smell strip, which absorbs the fragrance and allows you to smell it again at later times. This method makes it easier when comparing scents side by side as some aromas change over time and smelling them on paper gives more accurate results in determining longevity and overall scent composition compared with spraying directly onto the skin anyway. 

Why Should You Buy Perfume Samples?

Buying perfume samples is an ideal way of testing out different fragrances before spending money on larger bottles without having any regrets post-purchase or wasting any money if you don’t like the scent after all! This approach allows customers peace of mind when making their decision since they’re able to wear and compare several fragrances over a 2–4 week period until they’ve found the right one for them without committing too much money at once or going through the whole process again if the fitting one isn’t found immediately.  

Furthermore, many sample sets make fantastic gifts since you can choose several unique scents for somebody else without necessarily needing their opinion beforehand—the recipient then has a great selection of options instead! 


In conclusion, buying perfume samples can be a great way of testing out different scents before investing in full-sized bottles while also ensuring you end up with something that’s just right for you (or someone else). With countless varieties available both online and offline, there’s something suitable no matter what your budget may be!