Oud Oriental is a perfume from the Pour Femme collection of a well known Italian fashion brand Versace. It appeared in 2014 together with male version Pour Homme Oud Noir. Both Versace perfume creations flirt with eastern, Orient perfumes mostly through oud scent note mentioned in both perfume names and very present in their perfume compositions. I’m not too thrilled with the perfumes of this house ever since Gianni’s sister Donatella took over the creative directive of the company. Mostly it was failure after failure and tacky compositions (like Dylan Blue Pour Femme). Fashion can be a touch kitschy but not perfumes. Thankfully, Out Oriental is something different, something special…

First, let us see how Versace describes Our Oriental:

The seduction of a sunset in the desert, a warm breeze carrying thoughts away. A sensual heady aroma, almost aphrodisiacal. Oud, one of the finest ingredients of perfumery gives life to Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental, a fragrance designed for lovers of oriental scents, for women with a strong personality. An intense and regal composition, floral, spicy and with a deep scent of leather.  Poured in the refined Versace Pour Femme bottle, not completely gold plated. Its that special gold color with mirror effect that emphasizes Versace Medusa. Beautiful oriental rose opens the scent with its rich and feminine floral scent further enhanced by the trembling freesia flowers and spicy saffron.  The intoxicating heart is created around the sensual woody notes of patchouli and the elegant scent of violets. Heliotrope notes give warmth and a touch of balsamic. Wrapped in intensive vanilla, the basis of the scent offers creamy notes of sandalwood and the refined leather-out duo, that make the signature of this magnetic composition.

oud oriental

Nicely put but unnecessary. Unnecessary because Oud Oriental is very vocal about its essence, its seductive power from the very beginning. The very opening gives us a clear idea of what we can expect from this perfume and it really offers a lot. The oud scent note, so present in eastern perfume industry became popular in the West in the past ten years. It is very unusual and to an unaccustomed nose even repulsive. Rare are the perfume makers who know how to accentuate the seductiveness of out and at the same time temper its dark, stuffy moments.

Oud Oriental is an example of such perfume. It is heavy, opulent and sensual without being stuffy. It is not banal and its warm and tactile nature gives you the sensation of a warm cashmere sweater touching the velvety skin. A bit edible but certainly not gourmand. Exactly how seductive perfumes are meant to smell. It has that “try me” message but leaves something to the imagination of a person you are seducing. It’s a fake freedom of choice because with Out Oriental that person will have no choice but to surrender to the olfactive ecstasy this perfume offers. Once you try Oud Oriental, you will want to keep it to yourself but, like love, it cannot be hidden. Arab poet Nizar said it perfectly:

I hadn’t told them about you,
But they saw you bathing in my eyes,
I hadn’t told them about you,
But they saw you in my written words.
The perfume of love cannot be concealed.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: rose, rose, freesia, saffron; middle notes: heliotrope, patchouli, violet; base notes: leather oud chord, sandalwood, vanilla.

[Fragrance group] oriental woody.