Dreamer is a perfume from Italian fashion house Versace that appeared in 1996. It is one of the last perfumes done for Versace by late Gianni Versace who died in 1997. As far as I am concerned, since then everything went downhill for the Versace brand in a creative sense and so far no one successfully claimed the throne of “Italian king of fashion.”

Even though it is in the family of aromatic fougere perfumes that have traditionally been the stronghold of many male iconic perfumes, Dreamer is an interesting interpretation of classic fougere chord of scent notes of lavender and coumarin. Instead of herbal, green effect, the lavender in this perfume combination is fresh and coumarin has a sweet, powdery almost eatable vanilla-almond scent.

Dreamer reveals its charms only to those determined enough to get to know its spirit. Like a cult novel In the name of the rose by Umberto Ecco, that reveals its magic to the reader who manages to go through the introduction, so does the Dreamer reveals its charms only to those who persist despite its almost unbearable opening. Italians were never refined as the French in the perfume industry but that can not diminish their contribution. But their way of using citrus and aromatic herbs is raw, direct, like Guido, a greasy Italian in a leather jacket with Johnny Bravo haircut, ego-boosting gold necklace around his neck the size of a finger who catcalls like there is no tomorrow. Just smell the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo perfume line and you’ll get my drift. But if you are patient enough, and I know you will be, you will ignore the catcalling of all the Guidos and the daring perfume openings, and you will let the daring notes of Dreamer reach you. The combination of lily, iris and tobacco is out of this world. Just like Guerlain Pamplelune is one of the most beautiful grapefruits, so is Versace Dreamer one of the most beautiful perfume interpretations of tobacco ever. Its dry, spicy scent is perfectly balanced with the relish of amber and flowers in middle notes so sometimes you cannot tell whether you are in an exotic spice market or in a small, charming patisserie in Paris surrounded with fresh croissants, eclairs, profiteroles and tart tatins.

Ladies, despite Dreamer being classified as a male fragrance, be sure to give it a chance and try it on.  Sadly, I have to admit that despite this one being one of my favorite perfumes, when my mom puts it on it smell a lot better than on my skin. But I’m not complaining because the sillage that remains when she passes through the house wearing a Dreamer is worth the pain of hurt male ego.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lavender, tangerine, sage; middle notes: lily, iris; base notes: tobacco, amber, estragon.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere. More reviews of perfume classics can be found HERE.

Perfume creator is Jean Pierre Bethouart.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 80% extroverted 20% rational 30% emotional 70%

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