Crystal Noir is a perfume by a megapopular fashion brand Versace, that gave the world not only sexy fashion, unique neoclassical prints but also fantastic perfume creations such as L’Homme, Dreamer, V/S, and Blue Jeans. This perfume appeared on the market some 15 years ago, in 2004 and is one of Versace’s bestselling and most popular perfumes. It was created by the genius Antoine Lie, the maker of many comfy and eccentric perfumes (Secretion Magnifiques anyone?), under the guidance of none other than Donatella Versace.

Let’s see what the House of Versace has to say about this perfume:

She has an attitude and walks with her head high and that peculiar smile of hers. She has the natural ability to always be sexy and extremely self-confident.  She has a sense for fashion and elegance and loves splendor and eccentricity and the glamour of Haute Couture world. She is a Versace woman. And just for her, several Versace perfumes have been created. Versace Crystal Noir perfume is probably the most seductive and luxurious of them all.

Yes, but that’s how every woman should act, every human being. Yes, but this perfume is not showing us that. Probably. Maybe. No. No.

Crystal Noir is a true example of comfortable perfume. A perfume that will wrap you in its fragrant cloud like your favorite, soft and comfy winter scarf. There is no place here for eccentricity and glamour. This is not a perfume for parties, gala dinners or cocktails after fashion week. This is a perfume that is perfect for going out on a Saturday night with your loved one. Small, charming restaurant in the corner of the old part of the town, a romantic movie, an autumn walk by the river with dry leaves under your feet and your plated sweater smelling like Crystal Noir.

Perfume composition of Crystal Noir

The perfume composition of Crystal Noir is gourmand floral despite its floriental classification. Coconut and white flower notes are dominant and those notes from time to time have the green freshness of buds but then turn into juicy and delicious. Sandalwood is the basis of everything and enriches the scented coconut note with its milky sub tones, while at the same time gives stability to the woody notes and calms the white flower notes. Crystal Noir is not: Spectacular. Never seen before. Genial. But what it is is an ode to all those beautiful, simple moments of pure happiness and comfort that may never be described in a novel or in a movie with Hollywood superstars, but will intuitively and intimately write the path of our life and the lines of our heart.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, water lily leaf, ginger, cardamom, pepper; middle notes: orange flower, gardenia, peony, coconut; base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

Perfume creator is Antoine Lie.