Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala review

Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala is a highly unusual perfume if it can be called a perfume at all. Namely, it is so strong, probably the strongest perfume I have ever felt in my life, that it seems to me that it is the last human defense in the case of an alien invasion.

Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala

I went into the testing with an incredibly naive attitude and sprayed it directly on my skin. A fatal gaffe! It’s been four days and it still projects off the skin, or, to use bioscience lingo, “pounding from the skin,” almost as strong as when I initially applied it a few days ago.

Why is Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala so strong?

What exactly is the occasion for this perfume? When do you need to imbue your skin with the fragrance so strong and potent? Wait, don’t answer that, especially if you are Jame Game from The Silence of the Lambs.

Amandine Clerc-Marie of Fiermenich found inspiration for this perfume in the historic luxury and sophistication of the famous Teatro Alla Scala. She is world-known for many wonderful perfumes, most notably Chloe Eau de Parfum, Lancome Tresor La Nuit and Tresor a la Folie, MDCI Peche Cardinal, Rochas Lui, and Sisley Izia. Trussardi Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala is a worthy successor of this magnificent streak.

Blend of luxurious ingredients

Amandine used a combination of the world’s most expensive ingredients, like saffron, sandalwood, and leather, to revive this iconic place, which was once home to artistic greats such as Verdi and Toscanini.

If we stick to the world of music for inspiration, we can use musical allegories to describe this perfume. In the world of perfumery, this is nothing new; after all, we all sometimes use music terminology like notes, chords, and composition to better describe what we like or dislike in perfumes. So let’s get started.

Perfumes are like musical instruments

There are perfumes that sound like violins and have enchanting, light, and highly dynamic qualities. Then there are cellos, which have a deeper tone, are less flexible, yet have a distinctive sound. Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala, on the other hand, is the pure double bass. The sound of BtC is incredibly deep, as though it emerges from the darkest and deepest part of the ocean.

The dominating notes of leather and labdanum are so gloomy, thick, and deep that they make you feel as if you’re being sucked into a black hole, but instead of emptiness and terror, you’re being drawn into ecstasy and bliss. Behind the Curtain Piazza Alla Scala is a perfume that all leather lovers should try, but with caution. If they don’t have an extra arm or wrist, that is.

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[Fragrance notes] top notes: saffron, clove, bergamot; middle notes: leather, labdanum, juniper, jasmine; base notes: sandalwood, cedar, cypriol, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] woody leather.

The creator of the perfume is Amandine Clerc-Marie.