Summer is gone but don’t be sad because now comes the season when we can wear whatever we want and smell however we want, without the limitations of heat, humidity and city noise. Time has come for you to experiment both in clothes and in perfumes. Here are my favourites for this fall season.

  1. Miu Miu – Perfume debut of this fashion house surprised me with its freshness despite heavy notes of jasmine and rose. I must admit there aren’t that many perfumes where rose is balanced just right. In Miu Miu case, it is balanced perfectly with green and more importantly woody notes. That is one of my favourite chords – wood and the rose. Their smell brings to mind the image of Jane Austin on a swing, below a great oak tree in a garden full of flowers. On a table next to her is a Victorian cup of tea and a diary full of new ideas for timeless love stories. Like the ladies of that time, this perfume has perfect manners. Elegance and subtlety.

2. Jimmy Choo Illicit – This is a perfume for an afternoon walk that, if you are hedonist like myself, ends up with a cup of delicious coffee or cookies. Illicit will be your fateful companion and people around you will not know what smells better – parfait you got for desert or you. For those who love honey in their perfumes and in creamy tarts in cake shops, this is a perfect gourmand choice for autumn days.

3. Mark Jacobs Decadence – This is an intriguing perfume in an intriguing bottle. Favourite choice of a famous designer and a reminder on the first decades of 20th century and glamour of emerald green purse made out of piton skin. The scent itself is a metaphor of decadence. Amber, saffron, vetiver and plum notes give thickness and the texture of luxury. This perfume is only for special occasions. Like mysterious stranger, you never know where it will lead you. One thing is certain, you will smell fantastic!

What are your favourites for fall 2016?