Creed is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world with a tradition of 250 years that has been passed on seven generations, from father to son. The continuity of the top quality ingredients and perfume classics makes this house special, as well as its fans that come from the jet set, royal families and the world of politics. Creed perfume brands that have possessed the imaginations and boudoirs of celebrities won’t be the topic of this post. Aventus, Green Irish Tweed and other classics are already on everybody’s top list, so I have made a list of little less known Creed creations to tickle your imagination.

White Amber. This is a perfume with a simple composition that allows each note to shine and present itself. Like fireworks, White Amber opens with a sensational fruit mix – exotic, juicy mixture of tropical fruit and candy apple. The sparkly sensations simmered into a milky scent of jasmine and sandalwood (also see Samsara). With Creed, you know the ingredients are top notch. Even if you can’t smell them, you can rest assured they are unconditionally exquisite. In today’s world, when real sandalwood is rare and precious, be sure to try White Amber and enjoy it.

Love in Black. This is one of the most unusual Creed perfumes. Many smell cucumbers and burned plastic in its opening, but this perfume is actually one of the most beautiful violets on the market. Just let it develop on your skin and grab your senses. Rounded with iris and black currant this violet is like no other. This is not a violet plucked and grown in a pot. This is a violet that grows in nature. The earthy touch of blackcurrant and the powdery softness of iris add to the velvety leafs of violet. This is perfume art. Magnificent interpretation of a flower that inspired many artists, from painters to perfumists. Must try!

Pure White. Purity and transparency. Two qualities that seem impossible in this heavy, polluted world. Pure White is a sanctuary from the burden of everyday inertia, a place of whiteness and peace. Lemon, pear, rice, neroli…simple but transcending notes. In an ideal world, everyone would smell like Pure White and not some fresh, sporty perfume.

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