There is something magnetically appealing in top lists. Something that feeds not only our intellectual need for a system but also our emotional satisfaction of a job well done. And to feel like good kids so that Santa would bring us many nice perfumes in the new year, let us see the perfumes that delighted us and those that disappointed us in 2017. Let’s start with 3 good perfumes:

Top 3 best female fragrances

  1. Sisley – Izia. The beauty of simplicity. A wonderful interpretation of rose, both refreshing so you can wear it every day and sensual so that every passer-by or partner would be compelled to come a bit closer to smell where this beautiful scent comes from. Careful: if you smell this good, someone will want to pluck you. A complete review follows.
  2. Gucci – Bloom. The most unusual flower in the garden. Juicy, intoxicating, seductive. And unique. And if there ever was a flower so unique its tuberose. It doesn’t care whether you love it or hate it. You will feel it. It will defeat your sense of smell. As well as the lady that wears this perfume. She won’t settle for anything less than this. A complete intoxication of senses. You can read a full review here.
  3. Guerlain – Mon Guerlain. This is how a lady should smell. The character of lavender, the femininity of jasmine and the sensuality of vanilla. A holy Trinity of perfume world unified in a way only Guerlain can pull off – sophisticated and full of class that Louboutins can only weep in boudoir. You can read a full review here.

top 3 best female fragrances

Top 3 worst female fragrances:

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal. If Paris Hilton were a perfume, she would be Scandal. Cheap, loud, much ado about nothing. She spends a lot of money for self-promotion (like Scandal) but at the end of a day, it is still a synthetic starlet that knows only two words: hot and not. To put it in Paris Hilton’s words – Scandal is Not. A full review can be found here.
  2. Chanel – Gabrielle. It this perfume was called Spring and was made in a form of Eau de toilette for a younger audience, it would be one of the best perfumes. Like this, it is not worth a comment. Let us take a cue from the Chanel people and forget this failure. Even though millions were put in the marketing (remember Belgrade a couple of months ago – I thought Gabrielle was running for mayor with so many billboards and ads with Kristen Stewart’s face) many people recognized the (lack of) quality so Gabrielle was a failure in commercial and every other aspect. Santa Claus, give Chanel a better strategy for the new year, they’ve earned it. Full review can be found here.
  3. Bvlgari – Goldea The Roman Night. A perfume that is like a sweet, cute boyfriend who disappears from the chat room as soon as you get interested. Anticlimax. The user is currently unavailable, please try again. My advice: don’t, nor or ever. A full review can be found here.

top 3 worst female fragrances

And an honorary title: Golden raspberry of perfume world goes to the last year’s edition in this year’s improved bottle (by all the standards of kitsch and bad taste) – to a high heel! Yes, we’re talking about Carolina Herrera Good Girl Limited edition perfume that appeared in 2017, shinier than ever. And I’m not talking about quality, no, I’m talking about a tone of sequins it is encrusted with. If you plan to go celebrate New Year’s Eve dressed as a fancy girl than Good Girl is a must. A full review can be found here.

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In the end, I wish you all a much better and more beautiful perfume 2018. In this year, the number of failures surpassed the good ones but don’t worry, I’ll be there next year to analyze perfume novelties. Happy 2018! Igor