Before we start with our Top 3 best and worst list of perfumes that appeared in previous month, I would like to add that the number of bad ones tops the good ones, but I have tried to honor the top 3 limitations so the three worst are the perfumes chosen by objective criteria: idea, realization, historical context, message and rafinman and general impression of the fragrance. Those three are the absolute failures that not only are not worthy of customers attention they are not worthy of the name of the brand that launched them.

Here are the best perfumes in September.

  • Trussardi – The Black Rose. Even though this is a unisex perfume, here it was placed as a female fragrance which is unfortunate because I believe it would have a better pass with male population. Female perfumes have roses in them, but that doesn’t happen very often with male fragrances (Davidoff Zino comes to mind.) Black Rose stands out from usual interpretations of rose and very much resembles niche perfumes. Check it out in Jasmin and Sephora shops. It’s one of the new ones worth checking out. Its review can be found HERE.


  • Gucci – Bloom. This guilty pleasure is meant for women who want the perfume not to seduce a man but themselves. If you like tuberose, you must try this perfume. It lasts long on the skin, over 20 hours. My only complaint is that it was launched in autumn and not in springtime, and that is a shame because Bloom needs open spaces and hours in the sun. In closed spaces, you will smell like a flower shop. The entire review can be found HERE.


  • Guerlain – Black Perfecto. Cherry, almond rose and skin absolute. What more could a person want? Its only flaw is that it doesn’t last too long, some 4 hours. The review can be found HERE.

Guerlain Black Perfecto eau de parfum florale

Top 3 September disappointments:

  • Chanel – Gabrielle. In an effort to please teenagers…because they are short with money (they have money like a mid-size European country) Chanel decided to break the prejudice that Chanel is a brand for grannies and made the blandest, most meaningless chanelesque perfume ever. The review can be found HERE.

Chanel Gabrielle eau de parfum

  • Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal. If you are still wondering what is wrong with the world today, just remember that Scandal is a bestselling perfume and Zadruga most-watched TV show. Scandal review can be found HERE.


  • Bvlgari – Goldea The Roman Night. Instead of money used on marketing and persuading customers that this new, bland and boring perfume is the one they should buy, they should have invested in developing a quality and innovative perfume formula. The review can be found HERE.


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