The most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes

Writing about beauty is not easy. It is even harder to evaluate it. Because “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” What one person finds beautiful can be unattractive to another, even repulsive, even when it comes to the most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes. And yet, the human race has tried through countless generations of philosophers and poets to discover and capture the thread that connects all beautiful works and comprehends the essence of what makes them beautiful and thus deciphers the secret of beauty. One of the three mysteries that have intrigued humanity for millennia: beauty, wit, and goodness.

In this article, I will deal with the most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes, relying on subjective criteria such as personal preferences and tastes and objective ones used for evaluating art. The precondition for a fragrance, in fact, its bottle, to be on the list is its accessibility; it can not be a limited edition, and it has to belong to Western, designer perfumery. The most beautiful bottles of men’s perfumes, oriental, and niche, will be discussed in one of the following articles.

I invite you all, dear readers, to write in the comment below the article on the website or under the post on Facebook, which perfume bottles you consider the most beautiful, and after a week, I will collect votes and include the top 10 bottles of your choice in my article. We will also vote together for niche, men’s, and oriental perfumes when the time comes.

Guerlain – Mon Guerlain

Simple perfection! If I had to choose just one bottle that would contain all the perfumes, no matter how pessimistic and depressing that scenario may seem, I would choose to be in this bottle. It was created by Gabriel Guerlain back in 1908 with the help of one of the best houses for processing crystals and glass – Baccarat. It is one of the Guerlain brand’s iconic perfume bottles, while Guerlain is an icon in itself. That says a lot already. Inspired by alchemical bottles, this bottle certainly gives extra magic to every perfume that is in it.

most beautiful bottles of women's perfumes

Lolita Lempicka – Fleur de Corail

All Lolita Lempicka perfumes and bottles are fairytale-like and magical. With their help, we can peek into the magical world of Disney’s fairytales and imagine what the dressing table of the evil stepmother from the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would look like, what stood next to the head of the Cinderella or in the chambers of Princess Jasmine from 1001 Nights. Fleur de Corail is no exception. This bottle revives our memories from the seaside, even when we are thousands of miles away. If the Little Mermaid had her bottle of perfume, Fleur de Corail would be her choice.

most beautiful bottles of women's perfumes

Alexander McQueen – Kingdom

A futuristic interpretation of a motif from the story of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful, cold, and a little frightful, just like the Queen of Hearts. It is not known whether it came from the depths of the universe or the depths of the writer’s imagination, but what is certain is that it is unique in the world of perfumes.

most beautiful bottles of women's perfumes

Nina Ricci – Mademoiselle Ricci

The right bottle for a perfect mademoiselle. Measured, well-mannered, with mild hints of feminine chic. Everything on her is moderate, reasonable, there is no excess, and unlike many modern girls – there is no lack of style, wardrobe, and attitude. Mademoiselle, indeed.

nina ricci

Cartier – La Panthere

The face of the panther looks as if carved in rose quartz. A simple, but incredibly luxurious bottle that could very easily be masculine, if the color of the perfume liquid was different. There is no person to whom it does not arouse forgotten and repressed animal instincts and whom it does not inspire to daydream about adventures in a wild rainforest, like Phantom or Tarzan.

cartier la panthere

La Prairie – Midnight Rain

A bottle like no other. Simple and striking, like a starry sky outside the city lights, where each star has its place in the sky. No matter how many times I pass by it, I always have to stop, take it in my hand, and smell its content. Sometimes because of the content itself, I have to admit it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes ever.

la prairie midnight rain

John Galliano – John Galliano

Probably kitsch, but everything is forgiven. Who could be immune to a bottle reminiscent of the unique and unrepeatable Gallian dresses from his golden period? His dresses were imaginative, over the top, creative, enchanting, feminine, and fairytale-like, and he dressed the perfume in one such dress.

john galliano

Ghost – Deep Night

A moon that seems to be made of pure amethyst. This bottle awakens the imagination and dreams unique to everyone. It skillfully balances between east and west, awake and asleep, enticing us to try the perfume trapped in it. It is an example that too many details on the bottle, as in other spheres of art, do not necessarily mean a more potent effect and better expression. Sometimes less is more.

ghost deep night

Lalique – Reve d’Infini

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes in existence. Made in the Art Deco style, inspired by women’s curves, its soft edges are finished with a satin effect that is velvety soft to the touch like the skin itself. The rose-gold neck of the bottle, on which the sign of infinity is engraved in a circle, goes well with the liquid’s pink color. And as if all that wasn’t enough, Lalique also made a striking pastel pink box with an Ardente motif in which this glass gem is placed.

lalique reve d'infini

Thierry Mugler – Womanity

Unusual, as well as the perfume it contains. A bottle that illustrates female power from prehistoric times to the present day. I can imagine how it fits perfectly, like an artifact, on a Neolithic woman, on the marble pedestal of a lady from the Roman nobility, Madame Bovary’s boudoir, and the post-apocalyptic, shabby table of a woman from a Mad Max movie. A bottle that, like the perfume itself, captured and illustrated the core of a female being. Gentle and kind, like the mother of a newborn baby and wild and untamable, like Mother Earth.

mugler womanity

What would be your picks for the most beautiful bottles of women’s perfumes?