Tommy Girl is one of the most famous perfumes of the American brand Tommy Hilfiger, which appeared in the mid-1990s. It was a time of booming American pop culture and the birth of cult sitcom series, blockbuster movies, boy (and girl) bands, and video games. As always, the perfumes kept pace with the times, and the most famous from that time, like Thierry Mugler Angel and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male promised an unforgettable time in nightclubs. Along with them, simple, clean, unisex perfumes like CK One that can be worn on all occasions and by anyone have started to appear. One of these perfumes is Tommy Girl, even though no men would, not even under the threat of spraying them with Chanel 5, admit to wearing a fragrance that has the name Girl in it, nor would a large number of ladies.

Tommy Girl

If we ignore the fact that when buying a perfume, we do not want to be anyone’s Girl, and especially not Tommy’s, this perfume is by all criteria a fantastic choice, whether we are looking for a perfume for ourselves or a loved one. A simple but striking, full of character, and therefore memorable composition adorns Tommy Girl and an extremely affordable price. Although some say that this perfume has not become even more popular because people, accustomed to the prices of luxury goods such as perfumes, are not used to the fact that something high quality and extraordinary can be obtained at such a low price. If you’re one of those who can’t imagine giving less than $ 100 for perfume, I’d recommend trying to give $ 30 for Tommy Girl. For the remaining 70$, you can find phenomenal books on conspicuous spending, marketing, and psychology. I’m not saying you need them. I’m just saying.

The perfume composition of Tommy Girl perfume is floral fruity and what makes it special is the balance between sweetness and freshness, both fruity and floral notes. There are fragrant notes of black currant and mandarin at the very opening of the fragrance, which gives the feeling as if you have bitten a fresh, ripe, and juicy fruit on a warm summer day. Happiness overwhelms you and leaves you smiling, like when you see a loved one. After the top notes, a fragrant note of rose enters the scene enriched with a note of tea, which is like those irritating people who are perfect in everything. No matter where you meet them, they shine, whether we’re talking business, academic, or sports activities. And to make things worse, they still have good looks and great personalities. Unforgivable. Such is this rose, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. If you are going to a romantic date or a tennis match, this rose will make you always smell, well…practically perfect. It’s annoying what a $ 30 perfume can do, isn’t it?

[Fragrance notes] top notes: apple, black currant, mandarin, grapefruit; middle notes: tea, violet, rose, jasmine, camellia, magnolia; base notes: cedar, sandalwood, leather.

[Fragrane group] floral fruity.

The creator of the perfume is Calice Becker.

Tommy Girl