Womanity review

Womanity is a perfume by one of the most extravagant and creative fashion designers now – Thierry Mugler. Launched 18 years after Angel and five after opulent Alien, Womanity promises what every new edition (flankers excluded) of Mugler perfume does – uniqueness, originality, peculiarity, and seductiveness. The idea for Womanity was to put in a bottle the essence of a woman, the very essence of a female being embodied in the magic of perfume.


What womanity is?

Womanity. What does being a woman nowadays mean? To discover just a fraction of this secret that has been plaguing mankind since the dawn of time, let’s take a look at two women who felt all the perks and downfalls of being a woman.

The first one is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. She was forced to marry a god she didn’t like and run to the other. She was punished but also respected. Her belt could stop even Zeus’ thunder. In a beautiful painting by Botticelli, she was painted nude, with long wavy hair, curvy,  stepping out from the sea she was created in. Next to her is a fig tree. Fig and fig tree are Womanity’s main notes along with juicy scent note of caviar as a gentle reminder of the sea she came from. And just like Aphrodite, every woman embodies the lushness and sweetness of fig and the untamable sea of emotions, the calm of open water and the rough waves.

The second one…

Deneris, the mother of dragons, is both beautiful and deadly. Long, wavy white hair, just like Aphrodite she survived all the challenges a world puts before a woman. She was forced to marry but learned to love the man she got married to. From a frail creature, she became a queen, khalisi, first beside her man and after his death, she went to conquer the world herself. Many made a mistake and underestimated her but to underestimate a woman you have to be either crazy or stupid. There is a dragon fire inside every woman, a fire that gives warmth and life or if threatened can set fire to burn everything around it.

Womanity is a perfume for an archetype woman. It can be gentle when she wants to, cruel when needed and gentle and nurturing to all in need of help.

A perfume for every mood

Thierry Mugler made a perfume that will follow every mood and fit your emotions. Just three scent notes but what incredible three notes – fig, caviar, and fig tree. They say it all. The lushness of fruit and the roughness and strength of the sea. And the mystery. But is there a greater mystery than a woman?

Womanity has a middle aura and a strong sillage, a scent trail that will follow you wherever you go. It will make everyone smell it and wonder where is this woman who wears this perfume. If you notice dozens of likes and follows on the street, don’t mind them because Womanity is that opulent.

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[Fragrance note] fig, fig tree, caviar.

[Fragrance group] fruity.

Perfume creators are Alexis Dadier, Ralf Schwieger and Mane.