Pure Energy is a flanker of a megapopular and slightly notorious male fragrance A*Men by Thierry Mugler. Although A*Men is a polarizing perfume that either thrill or draws despise (I have yet to meet a person this perfume left indifferent), A*Men flankers lean to more positive grades and comments, especially Pure Malt and Pure Havane. Compared to them, Pure Energy is similar, undiscovered jewel that never got its 5 minutes of fame. Taoistic glory, the glory of a man who made the world and his surroundings a better place, who is remembered by his children and his grandchildren and then he is forgotten. The greatness of a spirit against the great character.

Perfume composition of Pure Energy is woody aromatic. As always with Mugler, we can expect the unexpected and this time we are not talking about average wooden and aromatic notes. Oh no. Pure energy opens with fresh notes of mint and juniper. This is not the freshness we grew used to with endless macho citrus perfumes that smell only of lemon and occasionally sea. Don’t get me wrong, there are some perfect perfumes that smell just like that. Remember Dior’s Eau Sauvage. But the endless, uninspiring line of not even lemons but lemonades we are getting from the perfume houses in the past decade is just dying for a fresh idea. Pure Energy is one. Fresh but not boring. Fresh with a character. Fresh but not for your Average Joe.

The freshness of aromatic notes is perfectly balanced with spicy cardamom and white pepper and grounded in the woody notes of patchouli and Sequoia. Some 10, 15 minutes after opening, those spicy woody notes grew dominant but still poses the freshness that is almost soap like despite that sounding paradoxical when you consider Pure Energy’s ingredients. Paradoxical, but it works. That is not surprising because that paradox, those opposites that are unimaginable to an ordinary mind and perfume are what make some perfumes great. And Pure Energy is one of the great ones.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: mint, juniper berries; middle notes: cardamom, white pepperbase notes: patchouli, sequoia.

[Fragrance group] woody aromatic.

Perfume creator Jacques Huclier.