Pure Eve, formerly Pure Virgin, is a perfume by the French niche house The Different Company. It appeared on the market in 2011 and was created by Celine Ellena, the daughter of one of the most famous perfumers of today – Jean Claude Ellena, currently the Hermes brand’s leading perfumer. She has made numerous other perfumes for Different Company. The most successful of the bunch are Sel de Vetiver, Jasmin de Nuit, and De Bachmakov.

Pure Eve

The inspiration for Pure Eve, the creator of the perfume, Celine Ellena, found in traditional French cookies – Calisson. Their origin is shrouded in a whitish veil of mystery, like the perfume itself. Some say that these cakes originated in Venice, back in the thirteenth century, while others claim that they were first made for the second wedding of King Rene of Anjou in Provence in the fifteenth century. Either way, they are simple, velvety cakes similar to marzipan, made from dried fruit and almond paste, topped with white, royal topping. Sounds like a good inspiration for a perfume, right?


Pure Eve’s perfume composition is oriental gourmand. The opening of the perfume is very clean, airy, made of sparkling and bubbling fresh aldehydes – like gentle Dove soap or freshly washed cotton laundry that dries in the sun. If you are familiar with the opening of Chanel 5, then you know what aldehydes are. They are quickly replaced by the scent of almonds, vanilla and mimosa, so skillfully and elegantly blended, that I immediately think of Manet’s pictures of picnics with young ladies, in white, summer hats and dresses, sitting on the grass and while the children run in the background, enjoying tiny cakes arranged on a porcelain dish.

Despite the perfume’s innocent nature, as its name suggests after about an hour, one can smell a cheeky and slightly perverted note of leather and rubber, something like Bvlgari Black perfume. Pure Eve is complex in its simplicity…which means only one thing. It will follow your mood. If you want to curl up in your favorite blanket, make a hot beverage, and watch romantic black and white movies of old Hollywood with a loved one, Pure Eve would be the right choice. Also, if you ever want to expand your innocent flirtation with sympathy from work into the tango dimension, Pure Eve will follow you in that direction as well. After all, it was Eve who managed to seduce Adam. From pure love to pure lust, and back…

[Fragrance notes] calisson, musk, mimosa, cedar, vanilla, white rose.

[Fragrance group] oriental gourmand.

The creator of the perfume is Celine Ellena.