When you’re looking for the best perfumes for yourself or for someone special, it’s easy to fall for the latest ad campaigns or insincere recommendations made by the retail staff with their own personal agendas. That is why I have decided to create the ultimate list of the best perfumes for women, based not only on my lifelong study of the world of perfumes but also on scientific evidence of powerful and lasting effects that some scents have on the human mind. Here you will find perfumes that „bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses“, backed up by top science and over 20 years of personal experience. Enjoy!

Guerlain Shalimar

Lush, warm, and aphrodisiacal vanilla, inspired by a great love story between an emperor and an Indian princess, is made for seduction. With a century-old rich history, Shalimar, which means „temple of love“ has been used by many glamourous celebrities like Bo Dereck, Laetitia Casta, Rita Heyworth, and Meryl Streep to seduce their colleagues on and off-set. A sensual and spellbinding blend of high-quality vanilla and Italian bergamot will make every man fall in love with you, just like emperor Shah Jahan fell in love with Mumtaz so much that he even built her a temple of stunning beauty.

Why it works: Vanilla is a powerful aphrodisiac and is known for increasing the blood flow through the entire body, including the genitals. Its sweet and delicious scent reminds us of creamy desserts and earthly pleasures.

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Best perfumes for women - Guerlain Shalimar

Two bottles of Shalimar perfume on a golden background, surrounded by vanilla beans and jasmine flowers.

Nasomatto Narcotic Venus

They say that poison comes in small bottles, and all Nasomatto fragrances come in 30ml perfume extract. And my oh my, is this a „poison“ indeed. It was inspired by the addictiveness and intensity of female sexual power, represented in a striking blend of thick, juicy white flowers and exotic spices. Addictive stuff, indeed.

Why it works: Indole, the main molecule in white flowers, has an aphrodisiacal effect on the human mind. They say that our brain interprets it as a female pheromone and that is why white flowers are heavily used in the best perfumes for women, time and time again.

best perfumes for women

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

People love coffee! It’s a fact. Why not use the power of this addictive and energizing smell in your favorite perfume? Black Opium combines rich, warm coffee notes with beautiful florals on a creamy vanilla base. Seams like a Starbucks bestseller right? If you choose this perfume, you can be sure guys will become addicted to you.

Why it works: Coffee is adrenalin boosting and with just the right amount of flirting, guys will interpret it as a falling in love. Careful of how you use it. You know the saying: „With great power comes great responsibility“.

ysl black opium

Mugler Angel

There are many Angel clones among perfumes of today, but there is only one Angel. Not one succeeded in blending caramel praline notes so perfectly with a deep patchouli base, as Mugler did. It comes in a star-shaped bottle and it really is well suited for a bold woman who is a star of her own life. And you can rest assured that if you choose Angel as your signature perfume, you will always be in the spotlight.

Why it works: Men love gourmand notes in fragrances, that’s why many of the best perfumes for women out there are based on gourmand notes. They say they are especially smitten with the scent of pumpkin cake and cinnamon.

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mugler angel

Chanel no 5

A true perfume icon! Last year Chanel no 5 celebrated its 100th birthday and a century of seduction. Even irresistible Merylin Monroe used it to attract men and it worked for her the same as it did with countless others that chose it for their signature scent. If most perfumes are songs about flowers, this one is a symphony.

Why it works: Men love the duality of female nature: sinner and a saint. And Chanel no 5 is the perfect embodiment of that duality because it masterfully combines clean and seductive perfume notes. It really is one of the best perfumes for women ever.

chanel no 5

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

This one is so futuristic, as it was made for the sexy cyborgs. If you work in the IT industry, you have to try Molecule 01! It is similar to the scent of new computer equipment but enriched with woody, ambery, and citrus notes. One time my friend followed a woman a few blocks on Manhatten, just to ask her what mesmerizing perfume is she wearing. The answer was short: „The first molecule“.

Why it works: Geza Schoen, famous perfumer and creator of Molecule 01 says that the main (and sole) component of this perfume – iso e super is a synthetic equivalent of human pheromones.

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molecule 01

Cartier La Panthere

This fruity floral perfume will devour every man like a real panther. A sensual and powerful blend of gardenia, lily of the valley, and fragrant notes of pear and dried fruits are really irresistible. The end result is both luxurious and intimate, a perfect choice for a special, romantic date.

Why it works: Lilly of the valley is said to evoke most romantic feelings in men. It was the favorite flower of legendary Christian Dior, so he commissioned the best florist to plant this magnificent flower around his house so he could always smell it and feel as if he’s in love.

best perfumes for women

Tom Ford Black Orchid

This perfume is the perfect epitome of Tom Ford’s philosophy. Everything you wear must be powerful and unforgettable. He creates fashion and perfumes that say to the world: „Look at me!“. And indeed, the world looks back. Black Orchid is a sexy blend of rich, dark chocolate and watery flowers, best suited to those occasions when you need to make a strong first impression.

Why it works: Dark chocolate releases enormous amounts of serotonin in the brain and stimulates sexual desires.

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tom ford black orchid

Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Refined and endlessly romantic, Narciso Rodriguez for Her is a true modern classic. It feels as if you’re wrapped in the highest quality cashmere that takes everyone’s breath away, including yours. If I have to summarize it in just 2 words, it would be elegance and femininity.

Why it works: Musks are one of the oldest natural aphrodisiacs known to men, and NR has plenty. Just a few drops of natural musk can make all men go crazy, and turn on their primal, animal instincts. Narciso Rodriguez turns men into predators, and you –  a willing prey.

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narciso rodrigues for her

Hermes Twilly

Twilly is an innovative blend of tuberose and candied ginger. A stroke of genius! Wearing it is like wearing a piece of art. Flowers in it are unlike any I’ve ever smelled before and every time I caught a whiff of someone wearing it, I am left speechless and instantly transported to a heavenly garden in my mind.

Why it works: Tuberose has the ability to arouse sexual desires in our brains because even if our nose recognizes it as a flower, our brain recognizes it as a scent of female intimate parts. So, it comes as no surprise that tuberose is considered a „harlot of perfumery“.

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best perfumes for women

Kilian Angel’s Share

There are few expensive pleasures in life that are worth every penny. A good glass of cognac is one of them. And Angel’s Share smells exactly like that: sumptuous, luxurious, high-class cognac, imbued with dried fruits and spices, most notably magical cinnamon. It’s no secret that men adore cognac, and if you smell like the best cognac in the world, he will surely want to „drink you up“.

Why it works: A study shows that there’s nothing more exciting for a male brain than the smell of cinnamon bun. Cinnamon is recognized by medicine as a potent aphrodisiac, since it promotes healthy blood flow, especially in the abdominal area, for both males and females.

best perfumes for women

Guerlain Pamplelune

This is probably the best citrus perfume, and certainly the best grapefruit perfume ever. Guerlain Pamplelune is the freshest and juiciest grapefruit you can think of. Just imagine the smell of freshly squeezed, organic grapefruit early in the morning, when your taste buds are yearning for sweet replenishment. This heavenly note is beautifully balanced with soft and gentle flowers on a gentle patchouli vanilla base. Simply irresistible!

Why it works: Fascinating fact about grapefruit is that Hirsch discovered in his study on the effects of aroma on human conscience that men view a woman who smells like grapefruit to be five to ten years younger. It is truly an anti-aging perfume that smells just divine.

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guerlain pamplelune

I hope you find this article about the best perfumes for women both interesting and useful. I will certainly continue to write more top lists, so if you have any suggestions, for example, Best perfumes for a night out or office, please, don’t hesitate to suggest them in the comments below.