Lonestar Memories is one of those perfumes that blows you away on the first sniff, and when I say blow you away, I don’t mean the way Billie Eilish blew away the pop music scene. This blows you away like a landmine. However, if you can reassemble yourself after the initial impression, you will be rewarded with a true masterpiece, not just one of the best Tauer perfumes, but also one of the best perfumes in general.

Lonestar Memories

The beauty of Lonestar Memories is unusual and one-of-a-kind. Its foundation is the composition’s extraordinary complexity and distinctiveness. Although the perfume is linear and power and projectivity are bombastic, reminiscent of those larger-than-life fragrances from the 1980s like Poison, each time you smell it, you’ll uncover a new and exciting accord. Sometimes it is a soapy, almost medical mixture of camphor and carnation, sometimes smoky skin, and sometimes honey-sweet geranium and spices.

The leather in perfumes can be refined and gentlemanly, like finely tanned Hermes leather gloves, and it can also be wild, unrestrained, robust like cowboy boots, a bit animal dirty, but very masculine and macho. Lonestar Memories is the latter.

Despite the fact that carnation is not mentioned in the perfume’s notes, I always get the impression that it is the most dominant feature in this composition. Something like Xerjoff Casamorati 1888, but with a lot more depth, complexity, gloom, and mystery.

The drydown is the greatest aspect of this perfume. Warm and velvety amber with a bubblegum-like smell for adults and sophisticated individuals, similar to One Million. Only then does this scent shed its macho image and become an excellent choice for both women and all those ladies who yearn for perfumes that were once as big as hairstyles, straps, and earrings from the 1980s.

Lonestar Memories is an exclusive winter perfume and requires open skies. In that sense, I can see the association that many had with Texas, cowboys, and camping by the campfire when the only company you have is a night sky above you, filled with the glow of stars. Durability and projection are deadly, as with any Tower perfume. Don’t test it on your skin for the first time, if you don’t like it, you won’t be able to remove it from your skin with sandpaper, let alone shower. Landmine, indeed.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: geranium, carrot seed, sage; middle notes: leather, labdanum, jasmine; base notes: myrrh, vetiver, tonka, sandalwood.

[Fragrance group] woody-spicy.

The creator of the perfume is Andy Tauer.