L’Air du Desert Marocain, or popularly known as Moroccan, is the perfume by the niche house named Tauer, founded by the lovely, talented and self-taught Swiss perfumer and chemist Andy Tauer. It was not the first perfume that he made, the first one was an Oriental floral perfume called Le Maroc Pour Elle but it was the second – L’Air du Desert Marocain, that very quickly broke into the very top of the niche world and won the hearts and shelves of fragrance lovers around the world. Well deserved, I must say…

L’Air du Desert Marocain

The year 2005 was for some reason very magical and fruitful in the perfume world. Many modern perfume classics and megahits were launched just then, while years before and years after, there was a narrowing of consciousness and creativity, and people turned to either perfume classics or found their fragrant happiness solely in the growing niche universe. L’Air du Desert Marocain also appeared this year, as did the Dior Homme, Guerlain Derby and Art et la Matiere collections, Parfums MDCI Invasion Barbare, Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe, and many others.

L’Air du Desert Marocain is inspired by desert air, but this perfume is by no means a desert, though it smells like a sandy beach from time to time. Unlike the dry and empty desert, L’Air du Desert Marocain offers plenty. It is an oasis for exhausted travelers, thirsty for new and exciting chords, interpretations and formulations in this Saharan soil called the designer scene of today.

The perfume composition of L’Air du Desert Marocain perfume is spicy oriental, but before you immediately assume that it is another vanilla and amber super dose perfume, let the Moroccan show you his different face from what you rightly expected. Perhaps such things can only be assumed from astonishingly talented amateur perfumers. At the same time, those trained classically have too rigid frames to allow themselves and the world to re-examine them and discover something new. The world needs new ideas, a rethinking of all that is known and new horizons, something Andy Tauer has offered with L’Air du Desert Marocain in the case of oriental compositions, Pissara Umavijani with Erawan in fougere compositions, and Antonio Gardoni with Mem in aromatic.

L’Air du Desert Marocain opens with a mixture of dry, exotic spices: coriander and cumin, while in the distance, a note of petitgrain is visible at the end of the tunnel, offering refreshment, freshness, and sweetness of the Mediterranean air. A base made of balsamic, thick, warm and sweet amber and woody, earthy patchouli gives character from the start, some would say too much character. Namely, L’Air du Desert Marocain is not a perfume that anyone can wear every day, even on rare occasions. It takes a foundation in character and attitude to underline this perfume rather than let it master the wearer’s personality. The desert only gives life to the few, and death to many. It has always been a place where people challenge their strength, their stamina, their spirit. If you also want to try it, head for the harsh desert or the less harsh but no less challenging – L’Air du Desert Marocain.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: cumin, coriander, petitgrain; middle notes: jasmine, rose; base notes: ambergris, vetiver, cedarwood.

[Fragrance group] spicy oriental.

Perfume creator is Andy Tauer.