Scent has a direct connection with our memories. Even before the science advanced enough to safely claim there is a link between memory and scent, old people like Native American Indians used aromas to keep information in their memory as long as possible and to evoke them fast and easy  years after they have been lived through. They would inhale the scent of sage and held in their thoughts what they wanted to remember and every time they needed to remember it they would smell the sage and the memories would flood in.

Science behind all this is this: when scent molecules fall on the receptor cells in our nose, signals travel to the limbic system in our brain that is in charge, among other things, on modulating memory. Usually we experience this connection passively, when some scent reminds us of a past event. But we can use this actively by stimulating our memory with scents.

The process itself is simple: while we study and our brain absorbs information we should use some scent like essential oils, either in a diffuser or on a tissue, and smell them from time to time. That way we connect the scent with the information we are learning and on a day we need to remember that info, we can again smell the scent we used while studying and that would bring us back in time when we studied and help us remember.

There are a few rules while using scent in studying:

  1. Do not use a scent you frequently smell because it is more likely already associated with other memories. If needed you can make a scent combo by using a few different scented oils.
  2. Use one scent or one combo for each of the exams you’re preparing.
  3. Do not inhale the scent you used during the studying until the time you need to remember what you studied.
  4. Use your imagination during the studying and smelling, it will help create a bond between the information and the scent.
  5. Do not rely only on the scent. If you do not put an effort in your study, the scent alone will not help you.

Aromatherapy addition: essential oils of lemon, basil, bergamot and rosemary are especially good for studying. Lemon boosts concentration, bergamot self-confidence, rosemary helps your  memory and basil the clarity of mind. You can use single oil or make your own combination using two or more oils.

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Good luck! Your Scentertainer.