Stella is the first perfume by the Stella McCartney brand that appeared in 2003, at the time of the uprise of floral musks, among which are the most popular Narciso Rodriguez for Her, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely. In her creative opus, Stella McCartney, daughter of the legendary musician Paul McCartney of the Beatles, doesn’t have much perfume creations. Just a few: Pop, Print, and Lilly, followed by many variations. But the mere success of Stella perfume and flanker Sheer Stella made her one of the most sought-after designer perfume brands in the UK and the rest of the world as well.


These are some words about Stella from the Stella McCartney house:

With the fragrance of the same name, Stella McCartney celebrates the woman of today: feminine, naturally confident, and modern. Living and creating in the spirit of her brand, S McCartney designs and develops her collections every season but, at the same time, manages to stay true to herself. Her lasting vision inspires the first fragrance of this fashion house. The same remains with this unmistakably feminine rose scent interwoven with a contrasting masculine gray amber but in a mesmerizing and fresh new style. Stella pays tribute to the English rose, a classic expression of femininity, and a powerful symbol of the homeland of the famous fashion designer. The perfect contrast of feminine rose and masculine amber gives the fragrance a captivating character, reflecting the different facets of the woman. Modern, beautiful, and sensual, the scent is an affordable and long-lasting composition with distinctive notes at the top, at heart, and its base core.

Stella is indeed a modern rose, but far from being made just for modern times. Her sensibility is gentle, quiet, sophisticated, a little restrained at first until she reveals her real character, like the heroine of romantic novels. It draws the chosen ones into your world, one whiff at the time, forcing you to get closer to the person who wears it. In this, there is no resemblance to most perfumes of today, which like humans, serve their intimacy on the tray for everyone present in the room. The special ones wear Stella for the special ones.


The perfume composition is floral musk, and although the rose plays a significant role and is present throughout the perfume, it is far from being one-dimensional and lacking many other things to offer. Right from the start, there is a peony that gives a fresh and almost icy feel to the floral chord, like a flower bathed in morning dew. In the base, there is amber, which gives the whole composition the depth, sensuality, warmth and mild salinity that it sometimes carries, which is a fantastic counterpoint to the sweetness of floral nectar in the top and middle notes of the perfume.

Stella is the accurate measure of a rose so that everyone can enjoy it, at all times and seasons. The rose when it is highly concentrated smells like honey when fully diluted it becomes a floral abstraction. In this case, it is located on precisely the spot where it can be enjoyed by those ladies who do not generally like perfumes with a rose note, as well as men who are ready to step out of traditionally masculine fragrance compositions. Wearing a rose-scented perfume should not be taboo for men any more or less than wearing pink T-shirts and blazers. Either way, Stella bestows on those who choose her an aura of elegance, intelligence, and charm. And if you miss her simply because she is a ‘rose made for women’, the loss is all yours.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: peony; middle notes: rose; base notes: amber.

[Fragrance group] floral.

Perfume creator is Jacques Cavallier.