Capri is one of the most popular perfumes by Skylar, the American brand of natural cosmetics, which is known for insisting on pure and natural formulations. The idea that the skin is the largest organ and that we should pay attention to what we put on it as much as to what we take in with food and drink into our body, the founder Cat Chen learned by working at The Honest Company. This company, founded by the famous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, has become known for its unique and safe formulations that people resort to, especially when it comes to children’s products. Following this thought, Skylar was created, a brand that prides itself on perfumes that you can safely and carelessly apply to your skin.


Let’s see what they say about Capri perfume from the Skylar brand:

Welcome to a carefree citrus escape from the city bustle. Enjoy this citrusy, refreshing, and energizing scent, inspired by the Mediterranean, with fragrant notes of bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, orange, wood, and rose. Transport yourself into an ultra-relaxed, great Capri delight, as if you’ve just stepped out of the deep blue sea while the sun is in your hair and there’s no work tomorrow, which Capri perfume has captured in a bottle. You’ll catch yourself smiling all day while memories just keep popping up.

The perfume composition of Capri perfume is citrusy. You can enjoy the beautiful nuances provided by hesperidic fruit, from the citrus sharpness and sparkle you can almost feel in your nose, like when you bring a glass of champagne, which Italian bergamot provides, to the balanced sweetness and bitterness of lemons and red oranges. And even refreshing Schweppes-like bitterness provided by the exotic grapefruit. Of course, like all summer pleasures (khm, summer flings, khm), this one is short-lived. Partly because of the natural peculiarity of citrus notes to last half and hour on the skin, partly because of the natural compositions that Skylar insists on. Think of Capri as a more sophisticated body mist, which you will carry with you on a hot summer day, while streets are melting and every hour or so, with a couple of sprays, return yourself to the island of Capri and dive into the deep, sapphire blue sea.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: bergamot, neroli, orange, grapefruit; middle notes: lily of the valley, rose; base notes: musk, vetiver, woody notes.

[Fragrance group] citrus.

The creator of the perfume is Sarah Horowitz.