Arrow is a perfume by Skylar, the new, natural perfume brand that appeared on the market in 2017. Following the global trends of reducing pollution, both in the outer and inner world, the human body, the founder and owner of the Skylar brand Cat Chan decided to provide the same to perfume lovers. Working for one of the most famous beauty brands that offer so-called “clean” products, The Honest Company, founded by the famous Hollywood star Jessica Alba, she has become aware of the importance of what we put on the body, especially when it comes to products that lay all day on the skin. Hence the idea to make perfumes that people will be able to safely and carelessly apply to the skin and – Skylar was born.


Is there really a reason to worry? Do perfumes, in most cases, contain harmful chemicals and allergens? The answer is yes, and no. For some people, especially those with sensitive skin, perfumes can cause irritations and allergic reactions. As a result, many aromatic substances have been obsolete for decades, changing the formulas of some of our favorite perfumes forever. For everyone else, who has a normal skin condition and is not prone to unwanted effects, fragrances are a perfectly safe joy and pleasure. Of course, as in cosmetics, it is necessary to allow people to choose whatever they want for their money, whether it is more exotic, more natural, or just cleaner and safer.

Bearing in mind the limitations of fragrant substances that those who strive for “pure” and safe formulas use, it is impossible to make a perfume that will be on a par with classic fragrances if they are made of entirely natural and harmless substances. So, Skylar perfumes and Arrow, as well as other brands that make perfumes exclusively from essential oils, must be assessed in that context.

Arrow is a warm and aromatic perfume that opens with sensual spicy notes, a bit sharp but seductive that whets the appetite and imagination and invites you to enjoy. A prelude to the velvety and intoxicating combination of vanilla and sensual jasmine, a tonka that, like melted sugar, makes the combination almost edible on the border with gourmet delight, but remains on a sophisticated and restrained line. Arrow never crosses the line of refined taste; it is always a mild, gentle, and measured, dear companion on a cold autumn day when you tuck into a scarf and a favorite daily perfume. Always carry a bottle of Arrow with you, because the disadvantage of all fragrances that rely on the majority of natural substances is that they do not have outstanding durability on the skin. But that’s not a problem if you always have a small bottle of your faithful autumn companion in your bag.

[Fragrance notes] jasmine, neroli, tonka, vanilla, patchouli.

[Fragrance group] oriental.

The creator of the perfume is Sarah Horowitz.