Daim Blond review

For those who aren’t familiar with French niche brand Serge Lutens, Daim Blond is one of their most popular scents. Daim Blond in translation means white velour, a type of leather that is polished on the inside and soft, plushy on the outside. When we have in mind the name of the perfume, we can immediately assume that it is a special, unusual leather fragrance, different from those strong, dark leather fragrances like Robert Piguet Bandit or Parfums Gres Cabochard.

In Daim Blond, the leathery fragrant note, instead of animal strength and attractiveness, brings kindness and gentleness, and the fragrant cloud around you clings and caresses. This is a completely intimate perfume, intended for personal enjoyment and adventures of solitude, known only to the rarest of people.

daim blond

There comes a moment, mostly completely unannounced, without any warning or sign to indicate it, when the stage lights go out and we are left alone, on the boards that mean life. We take off the mask and look away from the audience. If we have parts and a little bit of luck, then we stop acting and stay alone, soul and us. The conversations that take place at that moment change us, empower us and elevate us, we become closer and closer to ourselves. The seemingly calmest event carries the adventures of the spirit, from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, we experience everything in our minds.

The magic of Daim Blond

Certain aromas make our solitude more comfortable and richer. Greens bathed in rain, a cup of tea that provides warmth and security, the smell of an old book, and Daim Blond. No perfume has ever bought me with its eloquence in just two words. Antelope leather and apricot. But what a story those two notes tell. The story of all those seemingly unimportant moments in life, which we will probably forget after a few weeks, but without which life would not have meaning. Moments when we are left alone with ourselves and talk to our soul. The moments we keep to ourselves, and which we hide like the Mona Lisa, smiling slightly. It is the secret of solitude. That is the secret of Daim Blond.

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[Fragrance notes] apricot, iris, heliotrope, musk, leather, cardamom.

[Fragrance group] chypre floral.

The creator of the perfume is Christopher Sheldrake.