There comes a time, usually unexpectedly and without a warning, when lights of the stage turn off and we find ourselves all alone on a stage.

We take of the mask and turn our gaze from the audience into ourselves. If we are honourable and lucky we stop acting and then it’s only us and our soul. The conversations we have then change us, make us stronger and we get us closer to ourselves. Seemingly this quietest event holds the adventure of the spirit, from deepest oceans to highest mountains. In our thoughts we can experience everything.

Certain aromas make our seclusion more comfortable and richer. Greenery bathed in rain, a cup of tea that brings warmth and comfort, the scent of an old book and Daim Blond. This is the only perfume that “bought” me with just two words. Dear hide and apricot. But what a story those two notes tell! The story of all “irrelevant” moments in life, moments that will be forgotten after a few weeks but moments that give meaning to our life. Moments when we are alone with ourselves and we’re talking with our soul. Moment we keep for ourselves and, like Mona Lisa, hide behind a gentile smile. That is the secret of seclusion. That’s the secret of Daim Blond.