Dali is the perfume of the French brand Salvador Dali, created in collaboration with one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. Dali was created by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas, back in 1983 when he still cared about his talent and name, when he made perfume-masterpieces and did not sell himself cheap as he did lately with a 6353th flanker for average commercial perfume brands and narcissistic and psychotic clowns of the perfume world, like Jeremy Fragrance.

Salvador Dali perfumes are curiosity in many ways. They belong to the designer and commercial niche, but they can only be found in isolated, special places, more suited for art, niche perfumes. The price is very affordable and the quality is mostly outstanding, but are still not that popular. Also, although they inherently bear the aura art, lovers of niche perfumes are not at all interested in these perfumes, although they come in unusual bottles. I suppose that Salvador Dali, like his muse Gala, both passionate perfume lovers are not art enough for lovers of art perfumes.


Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality. Salvador Dali

Dali is one of the most intense, juiciest, potent floral perfumes. It is the blend of fragrant resins, amber and flowers that we always look for in perfume creations, but rarely find. Although the opening of the perfume is in a very Chanelesque manner with a huge amount of aldehydes that bring a clean note of freshly washed laundry, you can feel right away that it has more of a Guerlainesque formula, rich, seductive and sensual. Instead of the classic vanilla base, omnipresent in the Guerlain fragrances, in the case of the Dali perfume, it is a mixture of resins, myrtle, incense and amber that provides a sense of the sweetness of fruit and oriental mysticism. And all of this comes in a bottle of a strange, surreal shape, a bottle that arouses imagination and calls for experimentation.


Inspired by the image of Aphrodite from Dali’s painting, the bottle shows the faces of the ancient Greek goddess of love. Aphrodite’s full mouth metaphorically reveal the fullness of the Dali perfume and point to its seductive power. Dali perfume is a fragrance of the past, the past in which the perfumes, as well as all works of art,  were grandiose, titanic, larger than life. The time that produced works and people made to last forever, and not like Warhol’s prophecy, to strive only for five minutes of glory. Time has long gone, but if it’s any consolation, at least we still have perfumes that can return us there in a second. Dali is one of those perfumes.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: aldehydes, fruity notes, green notes, mandarin, basil, bergamot, clove; meddle notes: tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, root of iris, narcissus, mimosa, lily of the valley, rose; base notes: thyme, myrtle, amber, benzoin, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, oakmoss.

[Fragrance group] oriental floral.

Perfume creator is Alberto Morillas.