We’ve all heard, millions of times before, not to rub the perfume we sprayed on our wrists because we will “damage the scent” that way. That warning cannot be further from the truth. There is no “ripping of the molecules” going on that way. The only thing we can do is to smell faster middle notes of the perfume because we increase the temperature of the skin by rubbing it and speed up the process of vaporising the upper, mostly citrusy notes of the perfume.

If we try on the perfume, that process is desirable because we will get to the “heart of the scent”, the actual scent, faster. Also, if we have a perfume whose opening we cannot stand (which in my case is Versace Dreamer) but we like its middle and lower notes, than rubbing the wrists is an effective way to skip the unpleasant beginning.

Photo: wallpaperzworld.com

However, if we own a perfume that pleases us through and through, than we shouldn’t speed up the vaporisation.

Try it yourselves. Put perfume on one wrist and let is vaporise freely while the other rub for 15 seconds against another part of the body (I use my calf for experiments like this). Then smell both wrists and spot the difference. Good luck with experimenting.