Elysium Pour Homme is a perfume by British brand Roja Dove, launched in 2017. It is an aromatic fougere in eau de cologne concentration inspired by heroism and virtuosity, the two qualities that can be found on Santa’s wish list of every man who wants to wear a Roja Dove perfume. So close and yet so far away. Probably no one explained to them that diamond ring, tan and a simulation of bourgeois life is not what a real man is made of.

Before I begin analyzing perfume composition, I like to dive deep into pulp and romance stories that perfume houses serve us with every new edition. So let us begin…

“Every civilization has dreamt up its own paradise, intended by some for their innocents and noble, but everyone in it had a place for people of strength and honor. It was called by various names and one of the first was Elysium – a paradise for heroes. Master perfumer Roja Dove created this perfume cologne for men with idea that the  scent will lead you straight to Elysium – your personal paradise.”

If by heaven you mean generic aftershave and by paradise the sweaty scent of man’s locker room in a local gym then yes, take us straight to paradise.

“Consistent with its combination of classical and modern, Roja Dove opened the door of scented heaven Elysium Pour Homme with the fresh complex of citrus that will soon make way for the sensual fruity floral heart of the perfume and then the intriguing spicy notes. The ending is the velvety basis enriched with ambergris, leather and musk.”

‘Only the best is good enough’ is a moto that Roger Dove held while choosing ingredients for Elysium Pour Homme.

The shape of the bottle follows the lines typical for Roja Parfums and it is made of blue glass with a golden topping that was polished by hand three times in a process usually used in producing a precious crystal.”

Hm, yeah pity his best is still not good enough. Not even for a drugstore perfume.

I am sure that many fans of Sauvage perfume will be delighted with this concoction that will give them and olfactive orgasmic experience equal to high budget and intriguing late-night projections on TLC channel. Still, for those with a little more taste or taste in general, this perfume will be a cheap and generic interpretation of citruses with a price tag that will burn a hole in the pocket of the parents of city dandies. Because buying your own perfumes is sooo last century. The only thing that will make the owner of the perfume stand out among other city boys with similar perfumes at a much cheaper price is the phantasmagoric notion that style and paradise can be bought. Welcome to reality, church indulgences are the thing of the past and style and taste can be bought in the same way that singing voice can be autotuned. Ignorant and blind (deaf) will be fooled but people with developed taste and natural talent – never. Besides, Roja Dove Elysium Pour Home is boring. Like a conversation with a beautiful person dressed in expensive clothes that looks at you with blank eyes. While you worry that the person across from you could be having a stroke, he or she by default reached the yoga state of mind – the absence of every thought. That was how I felt while smelling Elysium Pour Homme – intellectually unstimulated.

World’s best perfume reviewer Luka Turin did not use too many words to describe Roja Dove Elysium Pour Homme:

“Trivial thing that smells cheap”

What a paradox. One of the most expensive perfumes in the world smells cheap. Well, that requires a talent! Maybe the talent that all ass kissing magazines give to Roger Dove who despite having all the ingredients of this world is never able to make anything even average. That is indeed a rare talent. Bravo!

[Fragrance notes] top notes: lemon, bergamot, lime, grape, lavender, thyme, artemisia; middle notes: lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, apple, black currant; base notes: pink pepper, cypriol, vetiver, cedarwood, juniper berry, benzoin, vanilla, leather, ambergris, musk.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere.

Perfume creator is Roja Dove.

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