Horoscope is one of the main topics in everyday life communication, whether it’s the high-school girls dying to find out when that cute boy from third grade is born so they could match their horoscope and find out their chances of a great romance; or be it that trendy businessman who is planning his next big move on the stock exchange based on the conjunction of Sun with Jupiter; or that romantic person staring at the birth chart, trying to figure out the mystery of self and the world surrounding us. Reactions to astrology talks vary from “I knew he was a Scorpio, he’ll turn around every skirt on the street, and he just can’t help himself” to“What’s my ascendant? Wait, you really believe all that? You fucking kidding me?”

Knowing all this, it was just a matter of time when someone matches astrology and perfumes. In this text, I am not going to deal with whether that is true or not, justified or laughable. I’ll only give out directions for those who want to know more about this subject and the readers will have the last say. Besides, it’s fun…even for the sternest of critiques. I’ll also include recommendations by John Oakes who wrote The Perfume Zodiac book.


People in this sign like fresh and citrusy scents. They might even like gentle floral notes because they are born in the time when nature is blooming. Recommendations are: Chanel Chance, Dior Eau Sauvage, sometimes Gucci Rush when they feel the rush of energy. Youngsters like Invictus by Paco Rabbane, and for special occasions its Guerlain Vetiver, Lancôme La Vie est Belle and Dior Dolce Vita.

John Oakes: Le feu d’Issey, Calandre, Ma griffe, Escape, Ferre original, Rive Gauche


When it comes to floral scents, persons born in Taurus prefer those where the rose is the dominant one, and earthy nature of the sign means they like perfumes with sandalwood and musk, but more than anything, they like perfumes of renamed brands. Recommendations are: Guerlain Shalimar, Habit Rouge, La Petit Robe Noir, and when they want to feel elegant Lancôme Tresor or Paris by YSL. Men will feel particularly powerful with perfumes like Terre d’Hermes and Acqua di Parma.

JO: Femme, Fendi (original), Casmir, Chanel no 5, Chanel no 19, Roma


Persons born under this sign do not prefer heavy perfumes. They like novelties with citrusy and gentile white flowers notes. Ladies should pick perfume like Miu Miu, Very Irresistible by Givenchy. When they feel romantic, they should go for Lolita Lempicka perfumes and gentlemen ought to try perfumes with lavender in them such as Le Male, Prada Amber Pour Homme or Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.

JO: So pretty Cartier, Bulgari pour femme, Joy, Yvresse, Jean Paul Gaultier classique, Champs Elysees


Cancers like it simple and natural so they tend o soliflore compositions made out of one main flower leading the game and a couple of silent sideshows. They also like gourmand scents and the recommendation for this sign are: L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci, Lou Lou by Cacharel, Guerlain Heritage. They also like nostalgic perfumes like Joy by Jean Patou, Lanvin Arpege and Fracas by Robert Piguet.

JO: Romeo Gigli, Amarige, Boucheron femme, Diorissimo, Cabochard, White Linen


Leos love glamour and sense of power that prestige and high fashion bring. That is why they often pick niche or selective brands and perfume recommendations for them are: Creed or Serge Lutens perfumes, Versace Eros or YSL Kouros, and for everyday occasions Beyonce Heat or Paco Rabanne One Million.

JO: Coco, Knowning, Gio, Donna Karan NY, Dolce Vita, Panthere


Virgos tend to have a thinking approach to perfumes and prefer discreet perfumes full of character. Eau de Cologne is their choice, especially those by Hermes brand such as Orange Verte or L’Occitane. Recommendations are also: Cristalle by Chanel, White Linen by Lauder, Armani Code and Mouchoir de Monsieur by Guerlain.

JO: Mitsouko, Arpege, Amazone, Parfum d’Hermes, Sublime, Nahema


This sign cannot live without a perfume. Blame it on the Venus. Libras are in constant search for perfections so they prefer perfume classics like: Miss Dior, Flowers by Kenzo, Lancôme Poeme, Chanel no 5, Allure and Antheus by Chanel, and are excited by perfumes such as J’adore Dior.

JO: Dolce & Gabanna original (red cap), Cabotine, Paris, Organza, 24 Faubourg, Deci Dela


First and main condition for Scorpio when they are choosing the perfume is a dose of mystery. They like intoxicating and hypnotic perfumes such as Dior Hypnotic Poison, YSL Opium, Carnal Flowers by Frederic Malle and Noir by Tom Ford.

JO: Shalimar, Poison, Obsession, Must de cartier, Allure, Narcisse Noir


Persons born in this sign like green and chypre perfumes. Azzaro Pour Homme is their trademark, and since they are extremely extrovert, they always go for “loud” perfumes such as Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Oud Ispahan by Dior, Narciso Rodriguez or Vanille by Reminiscence.

JO: Jicky, Quelques Fleurs, Madame Rochas, Crabtree&Evelyn Evelyn, Pleasures, Coriandre


Capricorns choose perfumes with difficulty, but when they finally pick one, they tend to stick by it for a long time. They don’t like to experiment with odd scent combinations or unusual notes so they often go for Hugo Boss perfumes, Stella McCartney or CK. If a perfume has shown its worth such as Cuir de Russie by Chanel, it will be a mandatory item on Capricorn’s shopping list.

JO: First, Bal a Versailles, Youth Dew, Ungaro , J’adore, Private Collection


Aquarius will never settle with something ordinary and average. They are always searching for heavenly elixir among perfumes. They like romantic adventures and perfumes such as: Florabotanica by Balenciaga, Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle and Alien by Thierry Mugler.Male Aquarius prefer aqua perfumes like Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey  and Azzaro Chrome.

JO: Eau d’Eden, Anais Anais, L’eau d’Issey, Diorella, Jaipur


Persons born in this sign don’t like to know too much about the perfumes they choose. They let intuition and gut feeling to guide them. Recommendations are: Modern Muse by Estee Lauder, Romance by Ralph Lauren, and boys born in this sign should go for Dior Dune and Davidoff Cool Water.

JO: Samsara, 1000 Patou, Vent Vert, L’heure bleue, Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum, Dune

I hope you had fun reading this. If you want to know more about this subject, look up online The Perfume Zodiac book. Certain niche house make perfumes especially for a certain astro sign such as Demeter fragrances. In my next article with this subject, I’ll deal with D&G tarot perfume collection and whether Tarabic brothers have seen Domeniko and Stefan’s breakup. Stay tuned.

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