Welcome to the whole new part of our perfume saga – Perfume psychology. This approach never existed in the perfume world, although psychology in certain areas deals with olfaction. What you can expect is a venture into the uncharted waters of the metaphysical and metaphorical union of psychology and perfumery. Therefore my ultimate goal is to make the nonverbal, elusive world of scents more clear, tangible, to give the experts and users tool, language (call it a perfume Esperanto) or a framework where talking and thinking about perfumes will be more clear, quality and fun. As with every new thing, the perfume psychology will have to deal with all those “children’s illnesses” but in time they will be made right through my work and through the work of people who deal with perfumes and also through your suggestions.

Perfumes are subjective, abstract and in our civilization, the terminology to describe the quality of the perfume is not fully developed. Because of that, we use arbitrary descriptions and the most commonly used phrases are those used in music. Therefore, the perfume substances that can be named and perceived as a whole are called fragrance notes, their combinations of fragrance accords and the entire work, a fragrance composition. In an interview with the owner of The Different Company, we talked about the inability of people from the perfume industry to formulate precisely and accurately their thoughts on perfumes which is why they use different metaphors such as round perfume, perfume with angles, dirty, animal quality.

The limits of our language are the limits of our world. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Terminology colors our world and our world creates terminology. Just like Inuits have 40 words for snow and we have only one, it can be applied to perfumes. There are so many things for which we have but one or not even one word for. These essays will try, as Wittgenstein said, to expand the limits of the perfume world and our perception of it. I have no pretensions but only the goal to help people learn more about perfumes, have fun and enrich their notion of a passion we share – perfumes.

What can you expect from the subject titled Perfume psychology? For now, I will tell you a few things but I promise there is more to come. For starters, you will learn how to analyze perfumes through psychology lens, how to separate them into certain types, similar to personality types. I will write about dysfunctionality in  perfumes, one can even say perfume pathology, and also perfume forensic, diagnosis, profiling. You will discover connections between the perfume world and the world of psyche you didn’t even know to exist and that will enrich the way you look at perfumes and people. We’ll start from the beginning of psychoanalysis and build the foundation for the perfume analysis that never before existed. Therefore, enjoy!

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