Igor Jeremic, a psychology graduate and the author of perfume blog Scentertainer was always equally interested in smells and the secrets of human nature and the mysterious laws of emotions dreams and wishes. His simplicity, knowledge and dedication once again proved that the great discoveries we make are the imprint of our soul a part of a bigger picture whose map is written inside us and imagination, our interests and intuition are a scented path to their fulfillment.

Due to its ethereal nature, the scent goes to places other senses can’t, it breaks the lines of memories and time and communicates the fastest with the individual and the collective unconsciousness. In his blog, he managed to describe the scent notes of each perfume using the rich language of literature, music, and mythology. By playing in the lab, he managed to reconstruct Chanel No5 using completely different ingredients.

He also managed another thing, something everyone told him was impossible – to mix a pheromone substance (ISO E super) with a cream that makes the perfume stronger and long-lasting and on an unconscious lever it brings up feelings, interests and likings for the person that carries it. Elixium was designed as a play of one scent and all that it can bring in us, from the butterflies in our stomach to that tingling feeling that something good is about to happen, and thanks to the persistence and the belief in impossible, this substance saw the light of day.

How did you come up with the idea to study fragrances and write a blog about them?

My inclination towards perfumes began when I realized that everything nice and good that I’ve experienced and wanted to remember and keep to myself, I can recall with a certain scent. That helps me a lot in my writings as well. The scent of a perfume brings out the associations to many things, music, film, some interesting story from the past. The writing was a result of my desire to share my knowledge, impressions and experiences with other. At first, I didn’t even think that all that will bring me to the idea and desire to make a creme or combine perfume notes. But when I finished the entire story with this creme, everything came to place. I followed my nose and it brought me to something I want to do and something that makes me feel good.

Based on your posts and interests, it seems you put the sense of scent on a pedestal. How come?

The sense of scent is the first sense that appeared with all living organisms, it is the oldest sense. So its no wonder it connects us to the deep, primeval, deaf and mute parts of our soul that, when you shine a light on them and explain them, give us precious knowledge, insights and answers.

What on an unconscious level scents represent?

The sense of scent is the first sense that the newborn baby uses to explore the world, it gives the baby new knowledge and soothes him with those it knows from a prenatal time. The sense of sight is not completely formed after the birth and babies know their moms based on scent.

Also, Heraclit in one of his 130 scriptures said that the souls recognize each other in the afterlife based on the scent. Scents are mentioned in the Bible, the Old Testament when they say that God likes the scent of a votive sacrifice. God smells the scent.

We Serbs can say we cannot smell someone. That essentially means we don’t like that person. When someone’s scent makes us uneasy there is something with that person that on a deeper level repels us from it and it is there for a reason and shouldn’t be ignored.

There are a lot of ways how a person remembers and I will not mention them because it is a long and complex story, but scent somehow passes all those roads and brings us to that we desire. It is a shortcut to our memories. North American Indians used sage to remember things more easily.

Scent is in a way the soul of an object. The essence. With that word we get two associations: scent and essence. Those who love us see our essence better than ourselves. You decide if feromones on a chemical or unconscious level are behind it.

What scents represent for us on an unconscious level?

Scents are personal for each of us and carry a lot of emotions and memories. To return to childhood sometimes all you need is a scent of rain or freshly cut grass around the house. Now that I’ve mentioned it, you have probably notice that every house has its own scent, and it is the same with people. Whether we like to admit it or not, the scent is a sense that moves us most deeply. Like music, we cannot see it but we can feel it. It gives it some esoteric, magical touch.

Westerners try to mask their body odor with perfumes. So when we use the perfume, unconsciously we want to deliver a message to others, to put an emphasis on ourselves. Male readers often ask me which perfume will get half of the work for them done but I think it is the wrong way. The scent just emphasizes who you are. As far as perfumes are concerned, the situation s far more complex. I see them as works of art. The choice of a perfume has a lot to do with your subconscious desires and fantasies.

Also, the scent of a loved one feels incredibly good. Their scents bind us to them and in most cases that is the first association to feromones and attractiveness. They, however, have another, biologically more important role in our lives. Feromones can be found in sweat. Women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men and it is by no accident. The sense of scent and feromones send them a message if they re compatible with their partner on a biological level. If you like how your partner smells it is a sign you might have a lot of healthy, smart babies.

How did you come up with the idea to make a feromone cream?

At one point I used Molecule 01 perfume that had that feromone substance ISO E super. Its mild, neutral tone emphasizes and releases other scent notes it is combined with. People who often used that perfume told me some beautiful and extraordinary things happened to them maybe because of all those feromones. The cream helps perfume develop better on the skin so I got an idea to use it as the main ingredient of crème. I was told it is impossible but I deducted that it was possible. Crème smells wood, gentile and although it is a perfume crème its gentile scent means you can use it with any other perfume Its secret is that it emphasizes the perfume and the charisma of the person who wears it. That was one of the ways to say thank you to the people who read my blog and to make their favorite perfumes more intensive and longer lasting and for them to achieve whatever they want to achieve with their perfume.

Also, the discovery of the sense of smell is connected with the discovery of fire. With fire, people realized things smell differently and more intense – say wood and certain aromatic herbs. By 19 century, all the scents were natural and during 19th and 20th century “artificial scents” appeared.

Perfumes in Europe became extremely popular during the plague. They reaised that perfume makers weren’t sick during the plague and other epidemics. That was the case because most of the perfumes of that day were made from natural ingredients and essential oils are antiseptic by nature.

The right choice of scent can relax, cure, lift you up. You can ply with its effectiveness and you can consult aromatherapist. until then here are some rules.

There are certain scents that are perceived as sensual, aphrodisiac and those are vanilla and raisins.

To stimulate the energy use citrus, peppery scents

When stressed out use lavender, pure soap scents that are associated with cleanness and security,

Babies laugh the most when they smell almonds and vanilla. That is why most baby products smell like this.

What can the perfume bring in us?

Perfume is a work of art and as every work of art we have no idea what it will bring in us. It can bring courage, memories, some forgotten emotion or association to another work of art, it can inspire us… Music is made out of notes and perfume out of scent notes but the laws of its compositions are far more complex than with music. When we have a certain combination of notes we know what we’ll hear and in the perfume, that combination can give thousands of different perfumes. People, when it comes to perfumes, usually think about the contents: musk or vanilla. But some completely different perfumes can have the same ingredients. Their combination is what makes this a work of art.

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