Igor Jeremic although young knows his perfumes. We’ve asked this psychologist and blogger – Scentertainer what should you consider when choosing a perfume, why it is important to use original perfumes and what are the trends in the perfume industry.

How did you come up with the idea to start a blog for perfume lovers – Scentertainer?

The idea for perfume blog came to me in the most unusual place when it comes to scent, public bus. Joke aside, the blog was envisioned as a digital extension of my passion towards perfumes, all my impressions, thoughts and emotions that certain scents brought and I wanted to share. And also there were the suggestions from friends whom I helped pick perfumes over the years. Its that mix of passion, education, and advice that became the Scentertainer blog.

If you had to choose a perfume that perfectly describes you, that would be your scent photograph, what would it be?

It would be two perfumes: Frapin 1270 that represents what I want from life – cognac notes, dry fruit and oriental spices are just the right ratio of hedonism, conformism and adventures I like. And Guerlain Shalimar is how I am in the world: mostly vanilla but with some unusual and slightly naughty notes.

How many perfumes are you using at the moment?

Just like you don’t ask a lady how old is she, you shouldn’t ask perfume lover how many perfumes he uses. But if I have to say, let’s just leave it to two figures number.

British Vogue in one of its editions said French house Guerlain was a sleeping lion waking up after ten years with a new perfume that is to become a classic. We’re talking about Mon Guerlain. Do you agree?

It was a good move. It has a tendency to be liked by young and older people, it fits the projected trends and by choosing Angelina Jolie it will conquer the world market. When they draw in a person who never knew of them with their rich history and a wide palette of perfumes, they will keep it tied with them.

Recently, the most famous perfume Chanel No5 got its newest addition, perfect for younger audience Chanel No5 L’Eau. How do you feel about remade perfume classics?

I’m ambivalent. Sometimes they surprise me with improvisations like A Men flankers and sometimes they fail completely  (YSL L’Homme flankers). Sometimes it is impossible to tell. Like with L’Eau. Those who don’t like classic Chanel will love it but the hardcore fans of No5 will not find anything remotely similar to their pet. My view is the same as when it comes to music, sometimes I like the remakes of famous hits and sometimes I just want to hear something new.

We are expecting a new, revolutionary product in Jasmine stores, a feromone creme. Tell us something about it.

Its the creme I’ve invented and you apply it before the perfume. Its function is to make perfume last longer on the skin, to prolong its projection and texture and because of its special substance, it will simulate a pheromone effect on both sexes. Best to try it alone, in Jasmine stores. You won’t be able to take your nose of the place you’ve placed it and neither will the people around you. A little advice: use it carefully as it is very potent.

Prom season is ahead of us. What perfumes would you suggest to young girls and boys?

That is a very complex question because those are the years when teenagers are searching themselves and their expression even in scent sense. General directions for girls: try Lolita Lempicka perfumes as they have all the necessary components for prom dresses, the seductive, charm and a dose of mystery. If you want to smell like a lady but also graciously try Guerlain Aqua Allegora collection and especially Teazzurra, Pamplelune and Pera Granita perfumes. If you are looking for ultimate elegance than Channel is the one for you. For girls Coco Mademoiselle and for boys Bleu de Chanel;. New Lalique perfume L’Insoumis is perfect for young boys as it doesn’t accept any rules except to smell perfect all the time.

What do you need to take into consideration when choosing a perfume? Does it matter the time of day you try it on, do you have to try it n skin and are there some spots on the body best where perfume opens the best?

Our nose is very sensitive and our surroundings, even food can disorient our scent perception. My suggestion would be to try the perfumes in the morning, a few hours after getting up as the nose had time to reset during the evening and is ready for scent adventures. If you like the perfume on a tester then try it on your wrist. Let the scent come to you, don’t smell it. That is the only way to let your nose get used to the perfume, In time you’ll see it develop on your skin and if you like the transformation and even get a few compliments, well then you know what to do.

Why is it important to use originals?

Boring legal regulations aside, using the originals is imperative if we care not only how we smell but also about our health. Perfume copies have low-quality chemicals, antifreeze, aluminum and even urine that can lead to acne, psoriasis, rash, eye infections. Not to mention arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, DEHP that is one of the most toxic substances for man and one of the main causes of cancer. It is important to smell nice but health is more important.Be careful.

Is there a perfume you would never use?

I think it has to be Secretions Magnifiques by eccentric niche house Etat Libre d’Orange. Even though it has scent notes of milk and iris root, its combination smells like intestines. The idea was to reproduce the scent of body fluids. Whether they succeeded in it or not is debatable, but after trying it on I felt anything but magnificent.