SC: Your first perfume and when did you discover you were attracted to scents?

DV: My first contact with perfumes happened, as it is the case with most people, in puberty. I used male classics and as I grew older I realized I like stronger, sharper scents that made me feel fresh. So I have aromatic Davidoff, Dior, Hermes, Armani, even Azzaro Chrome with its slightly metallic aftertaste. My first perfume was Acqua di Gio and Armani’s scents have long satisfied my senses.

SC: What do scents mean to you? When you meet someone for the first time, do you pay attention what perfume they wear?

DV: Scents have an extraordinary effect on me and cause very strong feelings, including attraction and lust, bliss or if I dislike someone’s perfume a blockade so strong I have to leave the room. I cannot ignore bad perfume and I don’t even try to tolerate it. On the other hand, scents always bring back memories. I remember many beautiful things through perfumes I used at the time. One whole summer vacation was “coloured” with Armani’s White perfume.

SC: How did you discover “niche” perfumes?

DV: In my twenties I travelled Europe and in my late twenties I’ve discovered niche perfumes. Niche perfumes that marked my perfume adventures the most were Molecule 01 and Excentric 01. It was borderline obsession; one bottle lasted only a few weeks. All my clothes smelled of that mysterious iso-e-super substance and its scent combined well with my natural scent. I even corresponded with its maker Geza Schoen and explained to him how he affected my life and how he should start selling his creations in Serbia. Over time I’ve tried many niche houses like Profumum Roma, but EM was always there either alone or in a combination with another perfumes. I would also like to point out to Le Labo Santal 33, Aqua Universalis Maison Francis Kurkdjian , By Killian White Crystal, Roja Vetiver, Olfactive studio Flash back.

SC: How do you know if a perfume fits?

DV: That is something I’ve learned very fast, how to choose a perfume that fits my biochemistry. I can smell early on if perfume and myself get along.

SC: Do you think perfumes should match the makeup a woman is wearing?

DV: You could make some great combinations. For example, smoky eyes would go great with oud perfumes, red lips with rose and natural look with softer, floral scents.

SC: What perfume do you prefer nowadays?

DV: Right now I’m all into natural, essential oils that I mix myself and get phenomenal combinations of scents. People stop me on the street to ask me about my perfume, like they did when I wore Molecule 01. Artificial scents began to bother me, maybe my organism is just fed up. But never mind, I’ve discovered essential oils that have inspired me to start my own line of natural cosmetics with top quality essential oils and the whole collection reflects where I am right now and what I aspire to.