The perfume house Escentric Molecules originates from Germany. It was founded in 2006 following a new and different approach to perfumes. Namely, Escentric Molecules considers perfume creations to be the art of chemistry. In a sea of others, commercial and those who favor a natural approach, Escentric Molecules is a perfume house that brings novelties, a modern and unique approach to creating perfumes.

Escentric Molecules

Rebel and re-examiner of the perfume world, a perfumer for whom there are no obstacles, Geza Schoen, stands behind this perfume house. His revolutionary story, which shook the perfume world and changed it never to be the same again, began in 1973. Namely, in the laboratory of International Flavors and Fragrances, Schoen first encountered an aromatic molecule that does not exist in nature. It was the famous Iso E Super. When Schoen first smelled this fascinating synthetic fragrance with a slightly musky-ambery, woody scent with a hint of citrus, he knew that the perfume industry’s world needed a change.

This ingredient has already been used a lot in perfumery, albeit in small and medium quantities, but Schoen’s fascination wanted to show this unusual fragrance molecule as it is. That’s why Schoen came up with the idea to experiment with it. One evening when he was going out for a drink with a friend, he suggested that they spray themselves with pure Iso E Super molecule.

His experiment immediately got its epilogue. As soon as they sat down at the bar, a woman approached them and inquired about their incredible scent. After a few minutes of conversation, Schoen realized that a higher dose of this radiant molecule is absolutely attractive and enigmatic.

geza schoen

He immediately decided on a radical approach and designed two perfumes, one with pure Iso e Super and the other with additional notes that would emphasize and underline the woody-ambery-citrus scent. Since its launch, Escentric Molecules has become a phenomenon in the world of perfumes, which encouraged Geza to continue creating fragrances with the same method and always in binary pairs. Thus, one fragrance is always formulated with a particular molecule and fragrant notes that emphasize it even more, and one is a perfume with only one ingredient, a specific molecule.

And that is why Escentric in this binary pair is a formula that emphasizes the main characteristics and enhances the shine of the molecule itself. In contrast, Molecule is the one that represents the molecule as a pure and intact molecule.

The first binary pair of Escentric Molecules perfumes are Escentric 01 and Molecule 01.

Escentric 01 focuses on the Iso E Super, which includes as much as 65% of the famous substance, but in combination with iris, green jasmine bud, lime peel, and a fresh note of white musk. The designer himself says that he wanted to create a perfume from this molecule for those friends who don’t really like to use perfumes. Completely unconventional and not too much like perfume, more like an exciting scent, which you can’t escape and which you just have to adore. Molecule 01 contains the pure and unique Iso E Super molecule, only it and nothing more.

escentric molecules

Next in line was the duo Escentic 02 and Molecule 02, which were based on the synthetic ingredient Ambroxan, which imitates natural ambergris, but in a somewhat fresher and more sensual way.

The third series glorifies Vetiveryl Acetate, a hybrid of vetiver oil and acetic acid. The result is an elegant molecule with a woody facet. It has a smoother and softer grassy character of vetiver with a grapefruit touch that refreshes and attracts.

The fourth series is dedicated to Javanol, a synthetic sandalwood molecule. Schoen says that Javanol loves his almost psychedelic freshness the most, which is why he decided to take place on the shelf of his perfume collection.

The fifth series celebrates Cashmeran, the epitome of hot summer on the Mediterranean island. This beautiful molecule was created back in 1970 in the same laboratory as Iso E Super. It has an unusually complex structure and character for a single synthetic molecule. A warm, woody fragrant note with an unexpected velvety texture is ideal for summer and winter perfumes.

At first, Geza Schoen thought that his revolutionary creations would appeal to artists, freaks, and outsiders. Still, they quickly became so popular that he practically opened a new page in the world’s perfume book and wrote his history in it, leaving an indelible mark with fragrance molecules. Perfumery, after the Copernican twist of Geza Schoen, was never the same.

List of Escentric Molecules perfumes:

  • Escentric 01
  • Molecule 01
  • Escentric 01 Limited Edition
  • Molecule 01 Limited Edition
  • Escentric 02
  • Molecule 02
  • Escentric 03
  • Molecule 03
  • Escentric 04
  • Molecule 04
  • Escentric 05
  • Molecule 05
  • Power of 10 Limited Edition Escentric 02
  • Power of 10 Limited Edition Molecule 02