For 182 years, Maison Boucheron, inspired by extravagance and the pursuit of absolute beauty, has transformed art into love, the irrational and universal, born of freedom and revived in passion. Founded back in 1858, this house is best known for its, at that time avant-garde, jewelry made of fine precious stones and exotic materials such as lapis lazuli, coral, hematite, onyx, and snakewood.


Frederic Boucheron was born in 1831 into a tailoring family. Breaking the family tradition at an early age, he opened his own goldsmith’s shop, which made jewelry as delicate and refined as lace from his parents’ shop. Success was inevitable and soon the whole of Paris was waiting in front of the Palais Royal boutique.

On the sundial near Boucheron’s shop, there was an inscription: “Horas non numero nisi serenas” – I’m just counting the happy hours. Fascinated by this unique approach to time and life, Frederic Boucheron adopts the motto as his own and thus becomes a watchmaker of “Joyful Hours” celebrating special life moments through his jewelry.

frederic boucheron

One of the most famous auctions ever was held in 1887 at the Louvre. Called the “sale of the century”, it gathered the most important jewelers in the world. The only Frenchman present, Frederic Boucheron, bought 31 diamonds at the time, including the celebrated 18 and 16-carat Mazarin as well as the most beautiful jewel of Empress Eugenia. All of Paris wondered who had issued the purchase order. It turned out that Boucheron bought it in order to put the most valuable diamond on his wife’s ring as a pledge of eternal love. Since then, the most passionate men go to Maison to choose an engagement ring for their beloved wives.

In 1893, Boucheron, at 26 Place Vendome, opened a shop that would quickly become the epicenter of the Parisian world of jewelry. A special book of orders contained the names of the richest and most famous people in the world, and his reputation grew with each new order.


One of the most beautiful women of that time, Countess Castiglione became the most important ambassador of Maison. The mysterious countess, in turn, won the hearts of men, including Napoleon III, who showered her with valuable jewelry. Legend has it that the Countess left the house only in the evening, adorned with Boucheron jewels that shone under the lights of the Place Vendome, where she lived.

Aristocrats and crowned heads sought Boucheron’s creations, as did Parisian courtesans. And although other houses refused to sell their jewelry to such women, Boucheron did not have any prejudices, demonstrating tolerance that attracted like a magnet women freed from the usual conventions. That openness is still in Boucheron’s DNA today.

A new page in the rich history of this house was written in 1988 by the “noses” of Francis Deleamont and Jean-Pierre Bethouard in the form of the legendary Boucheron classic. These two talented creators of Boucheron’s fragrant signature managed to pour a spark of jewelry into a bottle. As Alain Boucheron (President of Boucheron from 1980 to 2004) explained, the launch of the first perfume was like “a new art of traveling through sensuality and dreams, a new language that describes the rise of emotions and a new reason for existence and creation.”

boucheron by boucheron

The first men’s fragrance, simply called Boucheron, intended for a confident gentleman, exudes elegance with its fresh and sophisticated notes. Master glassmakers created a bottle in the shape of a ring in stone crystal, decorated with gold and decorated with a sapphire cabochon.

When the Boucheron Jaïpur bracelet was made in 1998, the Jaïpur Homme Eau de Parfum perfume was launched. Announced as a pure sensual adventure, this oriental spicy fragrance is inspired by the Maharaja’s wondrous gardens. The nose behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo. The top notes are verbena and lemon, middle cinnamon and nutmeg, while the base vanilla is combined with notes of wood.

jaipur pour homme

Boucheron Quatre comes out in 2015 with the eponymous collection of rings, whose design has been transferred to the bottle so that the zipper looks like a ring from the collection. The creators of this perfume are Nathalie Gracia Cetto, Nedege Le Garlantezec and Antoine Maisondieu. It opens with fresh citrus notes of bitter orange, grapefruit, lemon, and tangerine. The extremely feminine heart of the perfume is dominated by a floral combination of jasmine and rose, sweetened with strawberry and peach fruit. The base is a combination of seductive musk, sandalwood, and cedar, making the perfume both fresh and intoxicating.

The world’s leading perfumers Jean-Christophe Herault, Dominique Ropion, Nathalie Lorson, and Fabrice Pellegrin worked on Boucheron’s perfume collection, combining unique fragrant notes of iris, amber, tuberose, vanilla, neroli, and oud.

While most of us will never become the owner of Boucheron’s gems, part of Boucheron’s rich history and irresistible creativity can certainly be felt on our own skin and in the fragrant cloud around us.

Perfume list:

  • Eau Legere
  • Femme Baccarat
  • Femme Eau de Parfum
  • Fleurs
  • Fraicheur Florale
  • Homme Eau de Toilette Fraicheur
  • Boucheron Pour Homme
  • Initial
  • Initial Perle de Soleil
  • La Collection du Joaillier
  • Miss
  • Trouble
  • Trouble eau Legere
  • Trouble Iridescent Eau Legere
  • Trouble Joaillier
  • Quatre
  • Quatre Absolu de Nuit Pour Femme
  • Quatre Absolue de Nuit Pour Homme
  • Quatre En Rose
  • Quatre Intense
  • Quatre Intense Pour Homme Eau de Toilette
  • Quatre Pour Homme
  • Quatre en Bleu
  • Quatre En Rouge
  • Jaipur
  • Jaipur Bouquet
  • Jaipur Bracelet
  • Jaipur Homme
  • Jaipur Homme Eau de Parfum
  • Jaipur Homme Fraicheur
  • Jaipur Homme Fraicheur Epicee
  • Jaipur Saphir
  • Ambre D’Alexandrie
  • Cuir de Venise
  • Fève Tonka de Canaima
  • Iris de Syracuse
  • Néroli d’Ispahan
  • Orange De Bahia
  • Oud de Carthage
  • Patchouli d’Angkor
  • Rose d’Isparta
  • Santal de Kandy
  • Tubéreuse De Madras
  • Vanille de Zanzibar
  • Place Vendome Elixir
  • Place Vendôme
  • Place Vendome Eau de Toilette
  • Place Vendome White Gold
  • Serpent Bohème