Annayake is a cosmetic company founded in Japan back in 1988. Their goal is to present the ancient wisdom of the East to people around the world. The Japanese concept of beauty differs from the concept from the West. It is calmer, more elegant, in harmony with nature and reflected in the layered beauty rituals.


The Annayake cosmetics house was founded when Japanese pharmacist Suzuki made a cream for his wife as a token of gratitude. Then he started making creams for her friends, and so, step by step, a company rose that today counts a large number of care products, perfumes, make-up, and other products.

Unlike Western lifestyles that are constantly focused on the future, anxiety, stress and fear of tomorrow, this Japanese cosmetic house represents the East’s peace and tranquility.

Every day is a new day, a new life full of new experiences and memories. Time is an ally of the East and a creator of beauty.

Annayake conceives its products on natural materials combined with bio laboratory and constant research, new information, and innovative technologies.

Annayake draws its inspiration from observing nature and its gifts. As the species grow, develop, and disappear, all this is a potent source of inspiration for this unique cosmetic house that strives to present the simplicity of life and beauty in the best way.

Mother Nature is so complex and advanced that there is nothing in the world more perfect than her. Then why would we ask for anything else? It is enough to observe it, let her energy fill every cell of our being, and provoke sensual feelings of life, love, and peace in us.


Annayake launched the first perfume only in 2000, although it had already gained a worldwide reputation. They talk about perfumes as a delicate flower necessary to brighten our gloomy days and warm our hearts when nothing else can help. For feminine perfume compositions, Annayage believes that they should show the beauty of a cheerful girl dancing under a blossoming cherry tree. Her strength, courage, beauty, love, and tenderness in its original, untouched form. For male compositions, they tend to present the character of the Samurai. A brave, honorable, and strong warrior with an incredible dose of respect and vulnerability.

The three main features that characterize Annayake perfumes are simplicity, subtlety, and naturalness.

The perfume compositions of this impressive Japanese perfume house are different. They are not aggressive, strong and dominant, but intimate, luxurious, and refined, just as the founders themselves consider their ancient culture of beauty and fragrance.

No other perfume industry creates as much energy of peace, lightness, and nirvana as the Japanese. Annayake perfumes were made in collaboration with perfumers Lucas Sieuzac, Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Christophe Raynaud, and Martine Pallix.

Their first fragrant creation was the men’s perfume Pour Lui. A classic men’s perfume, the work of perfumer Christophe Raynaud, for a traditional man who is in line with Zen philosophy. In the same year, Annayake, in collaboration with Lucas Sieuzac and Emilie Coppermann, presented women’s perfume Pour Elle, which exudes calm, freedom, and Eastern tradition spirit. It takes you to Japan’s flower gardens, where we experience the absolute harmony and harmony of the scent of wildflowers, water, and blue water lilies.


Two perfumes from the Annayake collection won the most sympathy in the world sky of perfume melodies. These are Miyabi Woman and Miyabi Man, who immediately enchanted fans of elegant, sophisticated fragrances that evoke feelings of complete harmony and happiness. The name of this fragrant couple from the Annayaka house is to follow the “elegance and tradition of Japan”.

Tomo came out in 2007 and immediately gained immense popularity due to its sophistication, elegance, and seducer style with a soft heart. Tomo shows the character traits of a real man. Determination, grace, warmth, blurred feelings, and a small dose of bitterness.

A few years later, this perfume house also presented a female version of Tomo perfume, which also delighted fans with the simplicity, tenderness, and romance of the Land of Rising Sun’s countryside.

Perfume list:

  • An’na Annayake
  • Annayake Pour Elle
  • Annayake Pour Lui
  • Bonheur for Her
  • Bonheur for Him
  • Hanami
  • Hokou for Her
  • Hokou for Him
  • Kimitsu for Her
  • Kimitsu for Him
  • Kuroi
  • Love for Her
  • Love for Him
  • Matsuri
  • Miyabi Man
  • Miyabi Woman
  • Miyako
  • Natsumi
  • Niji for Her
  • Niji for Him
  • Omiyage Her
  • Omiyage Him
  • Pour Elle Light
  • Shiroi
  • Tomo
  • Tomo Fresh
  • Tomo her
  • Tsukimi
  • Tsukiyo for Her
  • Tsukiyo for Him
  • Undo
  • Yukimi