Australian niche cosmetics company Aesop was founded in 1987 in Melbourne by Dennis Paphitis. As soon as it appeared on the market, it was recognized for its originality and enthusiasm. A team of cosmetologists and chemists are always looking to find the highest quality ingredients and perfume materials, both natural and synthetic, created in laboratories and implement it in new creations.


You can find their products only in their stores, online stores, specialized niche perfume and cosmetics stores. That is as well a good indicator of an endless pursuit for quality and originality. It is an interesting fact that in their assortment, they have fragrances for homes that are accompanied by a particular melody to evoke synesthesia of fragrant and musical notes. This peculiar experience enchants customers and creates a beautiful shopping adventure.

Commitment to clients is reflected in the educated and professional staff and employees that always turn to their customers’ needs and desires. Today, the specialized stores of Aesop products and the company’s representative offices are located worldwide. As they say themselves, a sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design permeates every aspect of Aesop’s business.

In creating unique perfumes, Aesop collaborates with famous perfumers such as Barnabe Fillion and Celine Barel.

Although this cosmetic house is more oriented towards producing fragrances for the home, they also take care of every detail and offer unique and specific accords. They have an olfactory universe in their hearts, and it can be felt in their perfume compositions. Carefully chosen fragrant notes, both top, middle, and bottom, the highest quality perfume materials used in the production of perfumes, result in a unique encounter and a blend of odors that evokes memories and emotions.


This house’s first perfume creation was presented in 2005, and already on the first sniff, it enchanted the fans of high quality and rich scent. Every perfume by Aesop is intended for both men and women, and it is effortlessly adaptable to its owner.

The beloved Aesop Marrakesh fully evokes this colorful city and its culture. The mixture of spices seems to flatter the perfume wearer’s intelligence and emotional maturity, relentlessly reminiscent of hot sand, ancient buildings, and colorful spice stalls.

A year after Marrakesh, consumers were introduced to the second perfume of the most famous Australian house – Mystra. It evokes Byzantine art, culture, and the mentality of the people. A mixture of labdanum, incense, and mastic will take you to the magnificent Byzantine temples and awaken your spirituality and connection with yourself.

After that, Aesop takes a break of 8 years and, in 2014, presents its upgraded Marrakesh, a more intense and warmer version of its predecessor Marrakesh Intense. Barnabe Fillion signed this perfume creation consisting of carefully selected fragrance notes, among which bergamot, clove, jasmine, and rose stand out, and cedar stands tall in the composition base.

After ten years, Tacitus refreshed the memories of the perfect unisex perfumes from this famous perfume house. It appeared in 2015 and immediately reaped numerous compliments and sympathies. The wonderful fragrant composition inspired by the Mediterranean’s nature in collaboration with Celine Barel begins with fresh, citrus top notes, goes to green notes like basil, and finishes with a warm and seductive vetiver base and cloves.

Another significant perfume-artwork of Aesop is their latest creation Rozu, inspired by the life and work of modern designer Charlotte Perriand. Still, the perfume itself represents the life cycle of the rose. According to the author, it starts with light green, woody, and slightly smoky notes, but then emphasizes its unmistakable opulent floral nature and evokes enthusiasm and combativeness in its owner.

We can conclude about the philosophy of this exceptional and esteemed perfume house: their enthusiasm and dedication, as well as their evident desire to make each of their creations, is an art in a bottle.

Originality is not due to novelty, but honesty. Saint Francis de Sales

List of Aesop perfumes:

  • Marrakesh
  • Marrakesh Intense
  • Mystra
  • Tacit
  • Hwyl
  • Rozu

Have you tried some Aesop products? Which one is your favorite?