In the masculine world of fougere perfumes, it seems that everything has already been said and done. The classic accord of lavender and coumarin, present in all fougere perfumes, can be replaced by similar notes, as in the case of Erawan by Dusita, when the aromatic note of lavender is replaced by a fragrant note of hay, and sweet spicy and warm coumarin with a fragrant note of vanilla. This would keep the fougere structure, and make it into something new and unseen. Another option is to pull the classic composition in a different direction by adding larger amounts of other notes that would make it greener or spicier for example. Sartorial belongs more to this second group of perfumes, although what makes it quite special is something completely different.


What makes Sartorial special, both in the world of fougeres and in the perfume world in general, is that in addition to the extremely complex formula, Sartorial exudes simplicity and moderation. In today’s world, when eccentricity is praised and elevated, even in everyday life, it is rare for someone to view calmness and moderation as virtues. Modern man would say that it is downright boring and a man who exudes those qualities – uninspiring and passe. However, it is indeed in these qualities that wisdom and maturity are reflected, and maturity is, as Shakespeare says – the most anyone can achieve.

Penhaligon’s Sartorial is inspired by a famous street in London called Savile Row, where the most famous and skilled tailors had their shops. Its scent is inspired by all those scents that a person can feel during a visit to one such store, such as metal steam, leather goods, beeswax, and lavender. These are also the most dominant notes in the perfume itself, although many other notes are listed on their website.

The opening of Sartorial is extremely aromatic, sharp, almost metallic lavender that refreshes the senses and prepares them for a wonderful, all-day olfactory musing. Very quickly the smell subsides and becomes gentlemanly smooth. Not a single note stands out, but every single one sings in unison, creating in the mind the image of a perfectly dressed person, in a slightly retro style with impeccable manners, and an intelligent gaze. Sartorial provides an ideal basis for your education, style, charm, experience to speak instead of perfume, for your qualities to come to the fore, and not for the perfume to be the one that overpowers and surpasses you and your personality, as with most popular perfumes. Therefore, Sartorial is not for all people, although it is simple and unpretentious, but only for those who feel that the splendor of the modern world still lacks substantiality.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: ozone notes, metallic notes, violet leaf, neroli, cardamom, black pepper, ginger; middle notes: lavender, leather, beeswax, cyclamen; base notes: vanilla, oakmoss, myrrh, cedar, honey.

[Fragrance group] aromatic fougere.

The creator of the perfume is Bertrand Duchaufour.