Ambre Russe review

Ambre Russe is a perfume of (sadly) unknown niche house Parfum d’Empire. Its founder and “main nose” of the brand is Marc Antoine Corticchiato, a perfumer dedicated to the extraction of scented oils from natural materials. Aside from growing raw materials in Madagascar and creating inspiring and descriptive perfumes, he is also a lecturer at the prestigious Ecole Internationale de Parfumerie de Versailles (ISIPCA).

Why is it special?

One of the things I particularly like about Parfum d’Empire is the way they use natural materials. Although it is well known that synthetic aroma chemicals are considered the skeleton of the perfumes while natural ones are the “meat,” the skill and knowledge of MA Corticchiato give the impression that every perfume is 100% natural.

Although that is not possible or appealing to anyone, except maybe an isolated bunch of hippies drenched in patchouli. The dark side of most niche perfumers is sometimes fooling around and creating arty stuff without substantiality. But not our hero. He knows his goal and that is creating perfumes inspired by the scents of great empires through history. And he’s doing a hell of a good job at it!

Ambre Russe is an ode to amber

Just like the name says, Ambre Russe is an ode to amber. This is the most sensual, most palatable, most erotic amber out there, and certainly one of my favorites. One can say it is hypertrophied but I think is just apostrophized. The expansive sensuality of amber in Ambre Russe would be too much, over the top if you want, if the amber wasn’t given the soul in form of frankincense. Passion without the spirit is empty, like perfumes a la Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier or Aoud by Roja Dove.

But you don’t have to worry about that with Ambre Russe. The combination of leather, Russian tea, spices, and amber…this divine, sensual amber will not leave a void but will intoxicate the senses and seduce the mind. Another advantage of this perfume is its paradigm linearity that could teach a lesson or two (or thousands) to many.

The longevity of Ambre Russe

What you experience at the beginning is what you will smell the entire day…Yes, its longevity is extraordinary. The perfume lingers and lingers even when all Duracell batteries, guaranas, and African plums in the world give in. And the satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The reason for the low birth rate in this country in my opinion is not the bad economic situation but because they are not importing Ambre Russe anymore.

Up until recently, the perfume could be bought and tried in Metropolitan perfume shop in Belgrade but I think I was the one who bought the last bottle. I have no idea where you can find it, unless in France. If you do, let me know…I’ll pay a ransom in gold. Until then, the shop in Paris is my last resort.

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[Fragrance notes] top notes: Champaign, vodka; middle notes: Russian tea, cinnamon, coriander, birch, juniper; base notes: leather, frankincense, amber.

[Fragrance group] oriental spicy.

Perfume creator is Marc Antoine Corticchiato.