Anubis is a perfume by an English niche brand called Papillon, which appeared in 2014 along with two other fragrances: Angelique and Tobacco Rose. In a time that seems flooded with new perfume releases, both from the designer and niche realms, it seems almost impossible to make something that will attract awareness and ignite the imagination of genuine perfume lovers. From year to year, new brands are born. It is no longer just the standard division into the designer and niche houses because now both art and indie houses are in the play. Today, we are talking about a perfume that managed to stand out from the entire pervasive cacophony and win the hearts (and noses) of both perfume enthusiasts and critics.


What is interesting about Anubis perfume is not only the name, although the name itself is intriguing and perfectly describes what awaits us when fragrant essences combine with the warmth of our skin, but also the fact that it managed to say something new on the timeless theme of leather and fragrant resins. A new angle on beauty, not jumping immediately to the aesthetics of ugliness as niche brands do by inertia, but only giving a unique concoction that enchants at first sight.

Just as Anubis is the god of ancient Egypt’s underworld, it seems that this perfume divinely rules deep, dark notes, notes that are in the “underworld” of many perfumes, but here they are united in a wicked, sensual way. There is some innate pleasure, for those brave enough to surrender to it when man indulges in the darkness of his repressed desires, stored away from the light. If we are ready to dive into them, knowing that when we emerge, we will probably never be the same again.

The perfume composition of Anubis perfume is oriental, which means only one thing. A large dose of fragrant resins, such as amber or aphrodisiac vanilla. In this case, it is a delicious fragrant resin, juicy, almost like overripe fruit, imbued with notes of incense and leather, which provide a deep contrast to the sweetness of fragrant resins, and yet form a unique whole, loved for thousands of years, especially in the Middle East. Acute lack of top and middle notes, as if it is for those who always eat the finest, creamiest and tastiest part of the cake first. For passionate people who, at the very thought of the pleasure that should follow, lose control, and give in. Anubis is a perfume of instinct and unbridled pulses coming from the id, the base layer of our personality. However, there is something in the hints, the anticipation and foreplay provided by the top and middle notes in the perfume, so my main complaint with this perfume is that it only gives part of the experience. Darkness, as attractive as it may be, can only be recognized through light, and it is glowing, bright, fresh tones and light contrasting textures that are missing for Anubis to enrich our experience with all the colors of the spectrum.

[Fragrance notes] jasmine, leather, incense, sandalwood, labdanum, immortelle, lotus, saffron.

[Fragrance group] oriental.

The creator of the perfume is Liz Moores.