Chanel Gabrielle eau de parfum

Chanel – Gabrielle eau de parfum review

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Gabrielle is the newest Chanel perfume, released in September 2017. It’s an “abstract” floral perfume, inspired by four flowers – jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and tuberose. In a recognizable, square Chanel bottle, polished to perfection, 4 sides capture the dance of…

History of perfumes – Rose water

About perfumes, History

In this article you will learn some interesting things about one of the most wanted, most luxurious and most used ingredients in the world of perfume industry, cosmetics and cookery – rose oil and water. Photo; Rose water is a nusproduct…

For Men or For Women?

About perfumes, tips & tricks

Can perfumes be male or female? Can a scent have sex? When we talk about other senses we hardly ever call them male or female. We never called food male or female. Tendencies exist. Some researches show women prefer chocolate cakes while…

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Joy is a legendary perfume and timeless classic, one of the most beautiful and quintessential floral perfumes in modern perfume history. It appeared in 1929, in the post-secessionist period, at the time when no one expected such a fragrance, especially from the...