Pure XS is the newest flanker of XS line of perfumes by Paco Rabanne that appeared in the perfume shops in 2017. The meaning of XS is, judging by the marketing campaign, excess – abundance, although having in mind what this perfume really gives, it’s more likely that XS stands for extra small and I don’t believe any guy would want to brag how he has XS. Joke aside, this is a decent perfume, surprisingly decent but…already seen and not once but twice this year. Yes ladies and gentleman, Anne Flipo manages to slip the same formula to yet another brand. This girl is on fire!

After Armani Stronger with YOU and Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black, we got another, identical aromatic, spicy perfume – sweet, powdery and cinnamon like, like Christmas punch. It seems that Anne Flipo is Bata Zivojinovic of perfume industry. Like no movie in SFRJ could go without Bata, so no perfume can go without Anne. Ok, I know there are “noses” that can be count on fingers of a hand (goddess Shiva, not Anne’s) but still, did she have to put her fingers (Anne, not Shiva) in every one? Alas, since she did, let’s see what we’re dealing with.

If you don’t mind reading, although I am genuinely amused by meaningless PR articles like this one, just jump on the next paragraph. But if you are masochistic like me and love to read official perfume announcements that sound like they came straight out of a hertz novel, then welcome to PR hell. With Pure XS perfume, Paco Rabanne brand was challenged to give a sensation of a skin trembling with desire and burning with delight in olfactory expression. The idea of burning tremble leads its makers to two accord compositions that are at the same time contrast and harmony: like two bodies on opposite ends. This perfume ought to tackle every sense. The sense of scent comes first, of course but there I also the scent of taste and touch, like sense trap. Pure XS is trembling, magical and fresh oriental sent playing hot-cold, gentle-rough game. The two sensations on the very edge, contrasting, drawn to each other, resonating in each other. First comes the explosive freshness. During this foreplay, the senses go wild and the nerves vibrate with an overdose of sweet ginger. The next wave is carnal: green cream of vegetable juice and masculine incense. Another exaggeration and a double indecency: trembling sensuality. Cinnamon gives a piquant touch and makes your mouth water. Spicy sin! Followed by a great wave of power helped by refined vanilla enriched with an injection of skin, liqueur and musk. In the end it’s time to come down to earth and swim in the pulsating warmth of mirth sprinkled with sugar. The sense of overheated skin so we’d enter into a different, altered state of mind. And soon, pure lust to surrender to.

Now, let’s see what Pure XS is really like. Sweet but not too sweet. Powdery but not like the bottom of a woman’s bag. Oriental spicy but not Grand Bazaar on Saturday morning. First impression is that it has all the stuff the bestselling and the most popular perfumes of recent years have. Made to be likable. Guys who chose this perfume will no doubt get a compliment or two that they smell nice. But I am afraid that is all they’ll get for this perfume. You will not sweep anyone of their feet. No one will remember you by this scent. If your aim is an Oscar for supporting role and a safe place in friend zone than by all means, wear Paco Rabanne Pure XS.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: ginger, thyme; middle notes: cinnamon, liqueur: base notes: sugar, leather, vanilla, incense.

[Fragrance group] aromatic spicy. The advertisement for Pure XS can be seen here.

Perfume creators are Anne Flipo, Caroline Dumur and Bruno Jovanović.

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