Invictus Aqua is a flanker of Invictus perfume by brand Paco Rabanne. The perfume first appeared in 2016 only to be soon discontinued and then again launched this year. Inspired by athletic spirit, competition and victory. The Invictus line of perfumes, just like female Olympea, are using ancient Greek mythology and gods in their advertisements.

The Invictus Aqua slogan is God rises above the ocean. I might add: And then crashes into it and drowns. Each of us has experienced that unpleasant and dreary feeling in a nightmare when we are drowning in dark, murky waters. We can see land but it’s beyond our reach. That is the feeling this aquatic perfume creates. Invictus Aqua is the murkiest, stuffiest mixture of bitter grapefruit and water notes. Makers of this perfume are telling us: Show your divine freshness. Pretty please don’t. The only thing you’ll emanate with this perfume is lack of taste and stupidity because…why throw money on this grapefruit when you can get a divine one like Terre d’Hermes or Guerlain Pamplelune.

Invictus Aqua is a perfume this decade could go without and 2018,  and January, and even the day it was launched. It is that irrelevant. in the sea of high-quality aquatic perfumes like Bvlgari Aqua pour Homme, Armani Acqua di Gio and Profumum Roma Acqua di Scale, Invictus Aqua has no place in the shop nor in your perfume wardrobe. I just hope Paco Rabanne people will see the error of their ways, like they did in 2016, and remove this perfume once and for all.

[Fragrance notes] top notes: grapefruit, yuzu, pink pepper; middle notes: water notes, violet; lower notes: ambergris, guaiac.

[Fragrance group] woody aquatic.

[Perfume profiling] introverted 10% extroverted 90% rational 10% emotional 90%

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