Best perfumes, as seen by world-famous perfume reviewer, a scientist who came up with the theory of smelling based on vibrations, top perfume expert – Luca Turin. He is the author, with his wife Tania Sanchez, of several books dedicated to perfumes such as Perfumes, The A-Z guideThe Secret of Scent and The Little Book of Perfumes. He was also the subject of several books, most distinguished was by New York Times perfume reviewer Chandler Burr named The Emperor of Scent. Marked in blue are the links to my reviews of the said perfumes.

Every perfume is rated from one to five stars, one meaning that perfume is a total failure and should be avoided…and five stars meaning it’s a masterpiece. In this article, I present you all perfumes that got three stars and are considered best perfumes that were launched after their last book. If you want to read their amazing new book Perfumes The Guide 2018 (and I highly recommend it!), with even more witty and entertaining reviews, as well as intelligent essays, you can check Amazon, there are both Kindle and Paperback versions of it.


3 Fleurs – Parfum dEmpire: floral bouqet

Le 15 – The Different Company: woody citrus

1996 Inez and Winoodh – Byredo: leather iris


A – Avery: incense pepper

A la Carte – Lengling: oud nougat

A la Rose – Maison Francis Kurkdijan: citrus rose

Accord oud – Byredo: woody spicy

Acqua di Parma Colonia Ambra – Acqua di Parma: green honey

Acqua Nobile Rosa – Acqua di Parma: smooth rose

The Afternoon of a Faun – Etat Libre d’Orange: pepper rose

Un Air d’Apogee – Maison Violet: mimosa leather

Alexandros – Re Profumo: incense jasmin

Alizarin – Penhaligon’s: spicy oriental

Alter – Sammarco: jasmine rose

Amber Absolutely: Fort & Manle: plum rose

Amber Oud – Kilian: smoky amber

Ambergreen –  Oliver and Co.: green amber

Amber de Siam – Volnay: spicy woody

Amongst Waves (Gallagher Fragrances): melon cashmeran

Amour de Palazzo (Jul et Mad): oud spice

Amsterdam (Gallivant): herbaceous floral

Amun Re (Soivohle): angelica opopanax

Apéro (Lengling): powdery floral

APOM pour Femme (Maison Francis Kurkdjian): neroli musk

APOM pour Homme (Maison Francis Kurkdjian): civet neroli

Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria (Guerlain): light citrus

Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita (Guerlain): osmanthus pear

Aqua Allegoria Teazzura (Guerlain): lemon curd

Aqua Divina (Bulgari): sun block

Aqua Universalis (Maison Francis Kurkdjian): citrus floral

Arabian Nights Man (J. Del Pozo): metallic smoke

Ariel (Sammarco): sweet tuberose

Attique (Lubin): fig amber

Au Delà–Narcisse (Bruno Fazzolari): bergamot narcissus

Au Fil de Toi (Emmanuelle Khanh): floral amber

Autoportrait (Olfactive Studio):  lemon ginger

L’Autre Oud (Lancôme): aquatic oud

Autumn (Dasein): cedar coffee


Baccarat Rouge 540 (Maison Francis Kurkdjian): fruity cola

Beguiled pour Femme (Roja Dove): rose jasmine

Bella Donna (Jul et Mad): white floral

Belle de Jour (Eris Parfums): seaweed floral

La Belle Hélène (Parfums MDCI): pear dessert

Berlin (Gallivant): lemon icing

Bigarade Jasmin (Fragonard): bitter grapefruit

Bijou Romantique (Etat Libre d’Orange): citrus amber

Black Heart (Map of the Heart): patchouli smoke

Blackmail (Kerosene): fruity oud

Blanche (Byredo): aldehydic floral

Bleu de Chanel eau de parfum (Chanel): citrus fougère

Blood Sweat Tears (Atelier de Geste): candied oriental

Blues (Atelier de Geste): woody chypre

Blyss (Perfumology): green rose

Bois d’Ascese (Naomi Goodsir): woody smoky

Bois Froissés (Jean-Michel Duriez): cedar incense

Bombay Bling (Neela Vermeire Créations): coumarin fruity

Bronze Goddess eau fraîche (Estée Lauder): floral coconut

Brooklyn (Gallivant): floral cardamom

Brume d’Hiver (Volnay): juniper rose

Bullion (Byredo): plum osmanthus


Café Rose (Tom Ford): woody rose

Calling All Angels (April Aromatics): amber incense

Camélia Intrépide (Atelier Cologne): leather violets

Canfield Cedar (Kerosene): cedar musk

Cardamom Coffee (Gorilla Perfumes): tonka cardamom

Carpe Cafe (Gallagher Fragrances): vanilla coffee

Castles in the Air (Walden): lemon ylang

Cèdre Sacré (Sentifique): citrus incense

La Chaise Vide (Naso di Raza): dry citrus

Chambre Noire (Olfactive Studio): violet amber

Chocolat Irisé (Annette Neuffer): citrus cocoa

Citron Boboli (Le Jardin Retrouvé): citrus sandalwood

A City on Fire (Imaginary Authors): smoke camphor

Civet (Zoologist): smoky chypre

CK One Summer 2016 (Calvin Klein): watery apple

Close to My Heart (Bella Freud):woody tuberose

The Cobra and the Canary (Imaginary Authors): citrus leather

Coeur de Noir (Beaufort): rum smoke

Cologne (Etat Libre d’Orange): neroli jasmine

Cologne (Le Galion): citrus sage

Cologne Indélébile (Frédéric Malle): big cologne

La Colonia (Oliver and Co.): dry citrus

Corsica Furiosa (Parfum d’Empire): lentisk wood

Coven (Andrea Maack): green earthy

Coven (Partisan Parfums): floral chypre

Cuir de Russie (Le Jardin Retrouvé): floral leather

Cuir Sacré (Atelier des Ors): cardamom vetiver

Cuir Velours (Naomi Goodsir): vetiver leather


Daim Rouge (Sentifique): suede rose

Daimiris (Laboratorio Olfattivo): saffron suede

Darjeeling Tea (Jo Malone): sweet jasmine

Décou–vert (Laboratorio Olfattivo): green floral

Desert Rosewood (Goldfield & Banks): mandarin aldehydic

Diaghilev (Roja Dove): woody chypre

A Different Drummer (Walden): tobacco citrus

Dirty Flower Factory (Kerosene): honey floral

Double Fond (Jean-Michel Duriez): citrus woody


L’Eau (Tauer): citrus musk

L’Eau de Circé (Parfumerie Générale): lactonic amber

Eau de Céleri (Monsillage): celeri floral

Eau de Gloire (Parfum d’Empire): citrus incense

Eau de Jane (Daly Beauty): green floral

Eau de Néroli Doré (Hermès): saffron cologne

Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate (Hermès): rhubarb musk

L’Eau des Sens (Diptyque): orange flower

Eau Dominotée (Diptyque): musky rose

Eau My Soul (4160 Tuesdays): floral oriental

Eau Noble (Le Galion): citrus woody

Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu (Bulgari): shiso lavender

Eau Sauvage Parfum (Dior): woody citrus

Eiderantler (January Scent Project): green lavender

Elie Saab le Parfum (Elie Saab): woody floral

Elle l’Aime (Lolita Lempicka): coconut sandalwood

Emblem (Montblanc): violet leaf

Encens Chembur (Byredo): lemon incense

Eperdument (Antonio Alessandria): green floral

Erdenstern (April Aromatics): animalic ambrette

Essence No 3: Amber (Elie Saab): bread amber

Etoile d’Or (Volnay): bergamot oakmoss

Evergreen (Thorn & Bloom): guaiac oakmoss


Falling into the Sea (Imaginary Authors): citrus marine

Falling Trees (Régime des Fleurs): incense woods

Fathom V (Beaufort): green lily

Faunus (La Curie): green woody

Fetish pour Homme (Roja Dove): spicy citrus

Feu Secret (Bruno Fazzolari): iris turmeric

Fin du Passé (Naso di Raza): woody oriental

Fire Amber Baby (Cult of Scent): amber labdanum

First Cut (St Clair Scents): hay floral

Five (Bruno Fazzolari): citrus woody

Flash Back (Olfactive Studio): lemon ginger

Fleur de Portofino (Tom Ford): white floral

Floriental (Comme des Garçons): woody fruity

Flower of Immortality (Kilian): peach rose

Flowerhead (Byredo): jasmine tuberose

Forbidden Games (Kilian): peach rose

Les Frivolités (Jacques Fath): rose macaron

Frost (St Clair Scents): rose smoke

Fugit Amor (Jul et Mad): spicy floral

Fumabat (Couteau de Poche): fresh oakmoss


Galaad (Lubin): fresh oriental

Le Gant (Byredo): floral suede

Garden Lilies (Jo Malone): white flowers

Gardener’s Glove (St Clair Scents): green leather

Gardenia pour Femme (Roja Dove): white floral

Garuda (Jul et Mad): woody wood

Gentlewoman (Juliette Has a Gun): neroli musk

Geranium & Verbena 2015 (Jo Malone): basil verbena

The Girl (Hilfiger): green floral

Gincense (Oliver and Co.): marine incense

Golden Needle Tea (Jo Malone): leather amber

Good Girl Gone Bad (Kilian): peach fuzz

A Goodnight Kiss (Roja Dove): white floral

Gucci Bloom (Gucci): sweet floral

Guilty pour Homme Absolute (Gucci): woody smoky


The Hedonist (Cult of Scent): holy smoke

Hepster (Annette Neuffer): citrus vetiver

Hummingbird (Zoologist): tutti frutti

Hyrax (Zoologist): pepper animalic


I Miss Violet (The Different Company): violet floral

In Between (Lengling): fresh floral

In the Woods (Cult of Scent): cedarwood neroli

Incense Oud (Kilian): cardamom rose

Incense Oud (Nicolaï): refined oud

India (Marina Barcenilla): frankincense floral

Indigo (Baruti): rose mastic

Indolis (Areej le Doré): green floral

Intoxicated (Kilian): cardamom coffee

Iris Cendré (Naomi Goodsir): iris tobacco

Iris Gris (Legendary Fragrances): iris peach

Istanbul (Gallivant): spicy amber

Issara (Dusita): metallic fougère

Itasca (Lubin): citrus fougère


Jasmin Rouge (Tom Ford): herbal floral

Jersey (Chanel): lavender vanilla

Jeu d’Amour (Kenzo): fruity woody

Joyeuse Tubéreuse (Guerlain): green flower


Karl Lagerfeld pour Femme (Karl Lagerfeld): lemon rose

Kâshân Rose (The Different Company): peppery rose

Kenzo World (Kenzo): canned pineapple

Kingdom of Bahrain (Roja Dove): citrus woody

Kismet (Lubin): citrus oriental

Koke Shimizu (Satori): aromatic fougère

Kuwait (Roja Dove): fruity floral


Larrea (La Curie): smoky musk

Lavande 44 (Rania J.): sweet lavender

Lavender & Coriander (Jo Malone): green lavender

Leder 6 (J.F. Schwartzlose): vanilla suede

Lilacs and Heliotrope (Soivohle): green floral

Lilas Exquis (Jacques Fath): lilac violet

Liquid Dreams (April Aromatics): citrus osmanthus

Lithium (nu_be): rose oriental

Loewe 001 Man (Loewe): carrot amber

London (Gallivant): green rose

Lui (Guerlain): clove benzoin


M (Puredistance): citrus woody

Macaque (Zoologist): woody jasmine

Magnol’Art (Cercle des Parfumeurs Créateurs): magnolia cinnamon

MajaïnaSin (The Different Company): fruity citrus

Mandarine Glaciale (Atelier Cologne): spice herbs

Mandarino (Lubin): citrus jasmine

Mandrake (Quartana): apple rhubarb

Marinis (Santa Eulalia): lemon mint

Maroquin (Annette Neuffer): incense pepper

Mayura (Auphorie): civet floral

MB03/“Nighttime” (Biehl): incense oriental

Mellis (Annette Neuffer): balsamic spicy

Mimosa & Cardamom (Jo Malone): warm mimosa

Mimosa Indigo (Atelier Cologne): sweet leather

Mmmm… (Juliette Has a Gun): vanilla vanilla

Modern Muse (Estée Lauder): jasmine tea

Modern Muse Chic (Estée Lauder): anisic woods

Modern Muse le Rouge (Estée Lauder): edible rose

Mon Paris Secret (Jean-Michel Duriez): caramel basil

M.O.U.S.S.E II (Oliver and Co.): mint lavender

Mr. Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat (Fort & Manlé): fresh smoky

Mr. Burberry eau de toilette (Burberry): citrus fougère

Mrs. Gloss Made Me Do It (4160 Tuesdays): candy oriental

Musc Intense (Nicolaï): rose pear

Musk Oud (Kilian): woody musky

My Burberry (Burberry): citrus floral

My Burberry Blush (Burberry): apple rose


Nacre Blanche (Antonio Alessandria): orange tuberose

Naias (Sammarco): floral musk

Nanban (Arquiste): incense leather

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Fleur Musc (Narciso Rodriguez): woody floral

Néa (Jul et Mad): caramel plum

Néroli Outrenoir (Guerlain): leafy cologne

Night Flower (Eris Parfums): cardamom animalic

The Nightingale Cup (Cult of Scent): citrus rose

Nirvana (Evocative): oud oud

No. 1 (Cogno-Scenti): ylang bergamot

No. 5 l’Eau (Chanel): citrus floral

No. 8 (Cogno-Scenti): leather tonka

No. 16 (Cogno-Scenti): tomato linden

No. 17 (Cogno-Scenti): neroli bergamot

No. 19 (Cogno-Scenti): sweet ylang

No. 30 (Cogno-Scenti): immortelle incense

No. 32 (Cogno-Scenti): cypress oud

Nuit de Tubéreuse (L’Artisan Parfumeur): pepper tuberose

Nuit Rouge (Antonio Alessandria): rhubarb grapefruit

Nun (Laboratorio Olfattivo): lotus floral


Ô de l’Orangerie (Lancôme): citrus floral

Obscuro (Santa Eulalia): smoky amber

Olibanum (Evocative): boswellia serrata

Ombre Indigo (Olfactive Studio): saffron incense

Opus VIII (Amouage): woody amber

Orange Bitters (Jo Malone): pomander orange

L’Orée du Bois (Jacques Fath): honey mimosa

L’Original (Andrée Putman):

Osmanthé (Cercle des Parfumeurs Créateurs): osmanthus tea

Oud Bouquet (Lancôme): benzoin woodsmoke

Oud Immortel (Byredo): woody spicy

Oud No.3 (La Via del Profumo): dapper oud

Oud Palao (Diptyque): Habit Rose

Oud Shamash (The Different Company): woody oriental

Oud Silk Mood (Maison Francis Kurkdjian): wood rose

Oxygen (nu_be): saffron wood


Pachou Minimal (Soivohle): floral oriental

Page 29 (Francesca dell’Oro): rosewood pepper

Paloma y Raíces (Homo Elegans): coffee tuberose

Parfait de Roses (Lancôme): vanillin rose

Parfum de la Nuit 2 (Roja Dove):

Parfum de la Nuit 3 (Roja Dove): woody citrus

PC01/“Mango Tree Forest” (Biehl): citrus floral

Peacock Throne (Thameen): rose jasmine

Peau de Soie (Starck Paris): lactonic chypre

Perlerette (Volnay): iris violets

La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto (Guerlain): woody rose

Philtre Ceylan (Atelier Cologne): cardamom tea

Phoenicia (Heeley): honey oud

Pink Heart (Map of the Heart): woody jasmine

Pink Praline (Soivohle): grapefruit chocolate

Porto de Rosa (Partisan Parfums): green rose

Pourpre d’Automne (Maison Violet): iris rose

Pretty Machine (Kerosene): green jasmine

Pure Oud (Kilian): clean oud


Quality of Flesh (Homo Elegans): smoky leather


R (Avery): marine citrus

Rahele (Neela Vermeire Créations): resinous rose

Rausch (J.F. Schwartzlose): smoky oriental

Replica: Flying (Maison Martin Margiela): standard cologne

Replica: Lipstick on (Maison Martin Margiela): iris vanilla

Rome 1963 (4160 Tuesdays): patchouli ylang

Room 237 (Bruno Fazzolari): fresh animalic

Rosa Ribes (4160 Tuesdays):

La Rose (Le Galion): fruity rose

Rose Ardente (L’Atelier de Givenchy): cassis rose

Rose de Mai (Institut Très Bien): rose citrus

Rose de Siwa (Parfums MDCI): green rose

Rose Goldea (Bulgari): smooth rose

Rose Noir (Byredo): rose grapefruit

Rose of No Man’s Land (Byredo): pepper rose

Rose Oud (Kilian): spicy rose

Rose Profond (Alyson Oldoini): powdery rose

Roses Berberanza (Lancôme): salty rose

Rosenlust (April Aromatics): rose ambrette

Rosso Epicureo (Jacques Fath):

Russian Oud (Areej le Doré): oud cocoa


Saint Julep (Imaginary Authors): blackcurrant citrus

Salina (Laboratorio Olfattivo): marine citrus

Santal Blush (Tom Ford): carrot cinnamon

Santo Incienso (The Different Company): citrus incense

Sauvage eau de toilette (Dior): citrus fruity

Sea Foam (Anna Zworykina): coconut tuberose

Second Skin (Anna Zworykina): chocolate leather

SeeByChloé (Chloé): sepia peach

Sekushi (Lengling): fruit leather

Sharif (La Via del Profumo): amber tonka

Shiny Amber (Anna Zworykina): orange amber

Siberian Musk (Areej Le Doré): musky bouquet

Silky Way (Partisan Parfums): woody spicy

Le Sillage Blanc (Dusita): floral leather

Sketch (Maison Violet): patchouli amber

Skriek (Lengling): sweet lavender

Smoke for the Soul (Kilian): eucalyptus grapefruit

Smolderose (January Scent Project): dirty rose

Soir de Marrakech (Benchaâbane): amber oriental

Sole di Positano (Tom Ford): citrus floral

Soleil Blanc (Tom Ford): floral oriental

Something Beautiful (Cult of Scent): neroli tonka

Songe d’un Bois d’Eté (Guerlain): myrrh patchouli

Sonnet 18 (Annette Neuffer): linden honey

Spring (Dasein): vetiver rose

Star Magnolia (Jo Malone): bright floral

Stardust (Annette Neuffer):chocolate orange

Still Life in Rio (Olfactive Studio): lemon ginger

Stones (Atelier de Geste): woody chypre

Sugar Daddy (Partisan Parfums): woody spicy

Sultan Leather Attar (Ensar Oud): leather oud

Sultan Red Rose Attar (Ensar Oud): rose oud

Sultanate of Oman (Roja Dove): woody balsamic

Summer (Dasein): grapefruit cilantro

Sunday Cologne (Byredo): patchouli cologne

Superuomo (Re Profumo): citrus vetiver


Tel-Aviv (Gallivant): white flowers

Terrasse à St-Germain (Jul et Mad): citrus woody

Testostérone (Sentifique): spicy smoke

This Is Her! (Zadig et Voltaire): milky jasmine

Tobacco Rose (Papillon): dry rose

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr (J.F. Schwartzlose): citrus vetiver

Tubéreuse Absolue (Institut Très Bien): green floralThis

Tubéreuse Trianon (Le Jardin Retrouvé): tuberose ylang

Tubéreuses Castane (Lancôme): salicylate tuberose

La Tulipe (Byredo): green floral

Tundra (Rouge Bunny Rouge): pepper vetiver

Tutti Frutti Sweetie Aoud (Roja Dove): fruity woody

Two Eternities (Walden): grape rose


Unda Prisca (Kapu Namai): spice funk

Unter den Linden (April Aromatics): linden citrus


V (Avery): peach cedarwood

Valentino Donna (Valentino): fruity floral

Vanillaville (Soivohle): tobacco honey

Velvet Orchid (Tom Ford): woody floral

Venetian Belladonna (Quartana): white flowers

Venetian Red (Anna Zworykina): oakmoss floral

Vent de Folie (Annick Goutal): sentimental floral

Vert d’Eau (Chabaud): lemon fig

Vert des Bois (Tom Ford): citrus patchouli

Verveine d’Eté (Le Jardin Retrouvé): citrus verbena

Vetiris (Lubin): citrus vetiver

Vetiver pour Homme (Roja Dove): vetiver nutmeg

Vetiver Veritas (Heeley): smoky vetiver

La Vie Est Belle (Lancôme): peach iris

La Vie Est Belle l’Eclat (Lancôme): sugar floral

Violette in Love (Nicolaï): violet iris

Vitrum (Sammarco): vetiver smoke

Voulez-Vous Coucher avec Moi (Kilian): sweet floral


Walimah (Areej le Doré): woody floral

Wanted (Diane Pernet): resin nutmeg

Warszawa (Puredistance): green floral

Water Calligraphy (Kilian): citrus magnolia

Whip (Le Galion): citrus woody

Whisky Cedarwood (Jo Malone): whisky rose

White Gold (Ormonde Jayne): white flowers

White Luminous Gold (Michael Kors): green amber

White Zagora (The Different Company): peach osmanthus

Wilhelm II (Wilhelm Perfume): lavender violet

Winter Nights (Dasein): smoky wormwood

Woman in Gold (Kilian): floral oriental

Wonderoud (Comme des Garçons): woody vetiver

Wood Infusion (Goldfield & Banks): orange woody


Yapana (Volnay): pepper benzoin

Yes I Do (Etat Libre d’Orange): green muguet

Yoru No Ume (Satori): floral camphor


Zeitgeist (J.F. Schwartzlose): marine floral


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