How much it costs us to smell good, how much to smell great and how much it would cost if we wanted to smell like king? In this text, we will use simple calculations to find out exactly how much it would cost us to wear the most expensive perfumes currently on the market, and we will compare it with standard designer perfume prices.

The perfume is a luxury, but as we will soon find out, of all the luxuries it is the most affordable one. Just how affordable are the perfumes and what we must give up in order to wear brands such as Chanel, Guerlain, Tom Ford, Amouage, and even more expensive like Clive Christian and Roja Dove?

In order to get the exact calculation, we have to take into account that 1ml perfume equals 6 to 15 sprays, depending on the atomizer itself, but for easier calculation let’s agree that 1 ml = 9 sprays. In order to smell fine (it depends on our scent needs and habits) let’s say we need 3 sprays. Which means that we have 3 coats per 1 ml of perfume, and for the entire 100 ml bottle we have 300 coats. If we put on perfume once a day, it means that the 100 ml perfume can potentially last for almost an entire year. From this perspective, a perfume does not look so expensive now, does it? But let’s move on.

The prices of perfumes in regular perfume shops go from 100 to 200 euros per 100ml perfume, while prices in niche perfume shops can vary from 100 to plus 500 euros per bottle. In the next part of the text, we will see how much it would cost us to wear perfumes by several individual brands. Let’s start with the usual designer perfumes like Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace etc. They usually cost around 100 euros, which means that one application (of 3 sprays) is about 33 cents. A bit more expensive are the perfume brands Chanel and Guerlain whose price is about 150 euros per bottle. One application of these perfumes, therefore, costs about 50 cents. I will remind you that the price of the chewing gum on the kiosk is about 0,6 euros, which means that it will cost less to smell of Guerlain and Chanel than to chew a gum.

The most expensive perfumes that can be found in classic perfume shops are in the line of Tom Ford with prices of around 250 euros per bottle if we put aside the exclusive or private lines. One application of Tom Ford costs 83 cents. If we want to smell of Tom Ford perfume all year long it will cost us less than the espresso in ordinary (not luxurious) cafes in Belgrade. Let’s see what’s the situation with niche brands that most people say are too expensive and out of reach for the ordinary user. This is so not true, as many of the niche brands, among them some of my favorites like Parfum d’Empire and Serge Lutens, cost about 120 euros per 100ml bottle and are of high quality and ingeniously composed. Let’s start with the cheaper ones. If you choose one of the ultra-potent Parfum d’Empire creations, you will have to pay 40 cents a day (per application) or 48 dinars for them. Since their creations are modeled after old empires and fragrant resins sultans used before going to the harem, this means that the oriental smell of luxury, power, and magic can cost you less than 0,3 euros a day.

Somewhat more expensive are the brands like Juliette Has a Gun, Byredo, Histoires de Parfums, Annick Goutal with a price of about 150 euros, which means that you would have to pay 50 cents a day per application. In the upper price range are perfume brands such as Amouage, Kilian, Clive Christian, Creed and Roja Dove, whose price exceed 300 euros. Creed perfumes are often used by kings and celebrities. If you’d like to smell like your favorite actor or public figure or smell like king, you’d have to pay 1 euro per day for that. Less than the price of Nescafe in Belgrade cafes or half the price of one pack of cigarettes. Since Belgrade is famous for its packed cafes, we could sacrifice one of our habits, not necessarily coffee but maybe cigarettes that are bad for you, and wear the most expensive perfumes in the world. Yes, perfume luxury is so affordable. So, it’s not a matter of price but of priority. Everything on the perfume market is available to us, the only question is where on the scale of our needs is a need to have a certain perfume. I hope this article has broken the myth that perfumes are expensive and inaccessible, and that niche brands are well beyond our financial means. Everything I wrote here is a result of my experience because my perfume collection began to grow rapidly the moment I stopped smoking. I decided to invest the money for the cigarettes in my favorite perfumes, and all of a sudden, I was able to afford even a couple of phenomenal Guerlain and niche perfumes such as Diptyque and Parfum d’Empire. Everything is a matter of priority (that is if we have a normal life and normal income).